Big Baby Shouldn’t Have Apologized

big babyGlen “Big Baby” Davis hit the biggest shot of his life, sprinted up the court in excitement, and bumped a fan along the way. The fan didn’t fall down or get injured whatsoever, but he was a kid. And now the boy’s father and Magic fans are outraged that Davis would do something like that.

Seriously people, this is absurd. It’s not like he took a swing at a fan or had any malicious intent at all. Big Baby was excited – who wouldn’t be – and as he celebrated by running up the court, arms flailing, he accidentally made contact with a fan who was less than a yard away from the court. It’s like getting upset at a player who jumps into the stands and tries to save the ball. It was a split-second emotional reaction, not an intended attack on the kid.

The uproar over this is beyond absurd. Competitive sports must always maintain their integrity, honesty, and humility, because no one likes a sore-winner or a sore-loser. But the politically correct, be-super-careful-what-you-say attitude has now infiltrated the NBA.

And guess what? The Magic fans of course got there wish, because the NBA wasn’t going to risk the bad press that of course manipulate this innocent celebration into a savage attack. Davis today said, “If I’ve hurt anybody or if I’ve done any harm to anybody, please forgive me because my intentions were just harmless”.

If I were Baby, I would be furious that anyone actually thinks I did something wrong. Running up the court in excitement and I touch a fan and yet I am now a dirty thug. That is ridiculous, but in a society where the slightest slip-up brands you for life, the NBA falls right in line.

There is no way that this story should linger and writing this article may be doing the exact opposite of what I want: making this a non-issue. And I know that fans will get over this “incident” and think of Davis not as a thug, but as a very solid role player. However, it shouldn’t have made news to begin with. He shouldn’t have had to apologize and the boy’s father shouldn’t have demanded an apology. The boy’s dad is just upset that Baby hit the shot and beat his beloved Magic so his way of getting revenge is to stir up a “cheap shot” between Davis and his son. Pathetic. Get over yourself. This is the NBA, contact is legal so if you’re sitting court-side and you get bumped, deal with it. It’s the closet you’ll ever get to being a part of the action anyways.


3 thoughts on “Big Baby Shouldn’t Have Apologized

  1. It looks like the worst thing that happened to the kid was his hat came off his head. I’m sure his daddy thinks that’s worth at least $250,000.

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