How Good Is Albert Pujols

When you think of the best hitter in baseball, most people generally think of Albert Pujols. Some think of Alex Rodriguez. Others maybe Manny Ramirez. Let there be no mistake: Albert Pujols is the best hitter in baseball.

Don’t believe me? Look at the statistics.

  1. Home Runs: Pujols does not just lead the league in homers, he demolishes the league. His 31 home runs are SEVEN more than Adrian Gonzalez, who is in second place. Half-way through the season, Pujols has 26% more home runs than second place. Absolutely incredible.
  2. Home Runs per at bat: Pujols is hitting a home run every 8.84 at bats. Adrian Gonzalez is once again in second place at 11.36 at bats. The difference between Pujols and Gonzalez is 2.52 at bats. The different between Gonzalez and number nine Jermaine Dye (13.95) is 2.59 at bats. Think about that: the difference between first and second is just about the same as the difference between second and ninth. That is how far ahead Pujols is in at bats per home run.
  3. RBI: Pujols leads the league in runs-batted-in as well with 82. He leads by 7 RBI over second-place Prince Fielder as well, but he has 12 more than third-place Jason Bay. There are only nine players with more than 60 RBI and Pujols has EIGHTY-TWO. Continue reading “How Good Is Albert Pujols”