2012 Divisional Preview: New York vs. Green Bay

This is the final post this week examining the Divisional matchups in the NFL Playoffs. Thanks for reading!

The final matchup of the NFL Divisional playoff pits the New York Giants against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field at 4:30 ET on Fox today. The Giants are coming off a big home victory over the Falcons in a game many expected Atlanta to win. Instead, New York demolished the Falcons by a score of 24-2. Now, the Giants face an even bigger test as they face the NFL’s top team. The Packers lost just one game this year, at Kansas City, and put up a huge number of points along the way. The Packers and Giants faced off once before this year in the Meadowlands, with Green Bay narrowly escaping with a 38-35 victory. Here’s a look at the matchup:

Offense: Quarterback Aaron Rodgers leads Green Bay’s offense, throwing for more than 4500 yards and 45 touchdowns this year. Green Bay was third in the NFL in passing and total yards per game as it put up offensive numbers at an impressive rate. Rodgers’s favorite target was Jordy Nelson, who caught 68 passes for 1263 yards and 15 touchdowns. Wide receiver Greg Jennings also racked up almost 1000 yards and nine touchdowns himself. On the ground, the Packers are led by running backs Ryan Grant and James Starks. Neither back put up a tremendous stats but they combined for more than 1100 yards on the year.

The Giants’ offense continued to perform at a high level last week and it was led by quarterback Eli Manning. Manning completed 23 of 32 passes for 277 yards and three touchdowns without throwing an interception. Hakeem Nicks caught six of those passes, two of them for touchdowns while Victor Cruz was held to just two catches for 28 yards. Running back Brandon Jacobs rushed for 92 yards on 14 carries while Ahmad Bradshaw chipped in with 63 yards. Continue reading “2012 Divisional Preview: New York vs. Green Bay”

I’m Back

It’s been more than four months since my last post, but I’m back. This year was my first year at Duke University and I didn’t have much time to blog. Now that I’m on Winter Break, I’m starting back up again. We’ll see if I can keep it up once school gets going again, but for the next couple weeks, look for consistent posts here.


Why were Brandon Jacobs and Albert Heynsworth not suspended for their fight? Each was fined but neither was suspended even though punches were thrown. Not that I don’t love watching players fight, but come on. That was pretty ridiculous. The play was over, but Jacobs just didn’t stop. He didn’t even get the bigger fine. Maybe I’m missing something here, but Jacobs does not deserve to be playing Sunday. He certainly deserved more than a $7500 fine.

Gilbert Arenas apparently stored firearms in his locker. Wow Gilbert. I just don’t understand why an NBA star feels it necessary to store firearms in his locker. Why does Gilbert need a firearm? Should have watched what happened to Plaxico a little more closely. So many of us dream of becoming sports stars and I for one don’t understand these players risking it all with being so stupid. At least Plaxico kept the gun with him. Gilbert left it in his locker. He can just be happy that law enforcement isn’t involved.

Finally, just a big WOW on the AFC Playoff situation. I’m psyched for this weekend. 6 Teams at 7-7, 2 at 8-6, and 2 at 9-5. Lots of very important games and lots of big matchups. Has there ever been an NFL playoff race this close? Every play is going to matter so much and every snap will be so intense. This sunday and next sunday may be unlike anything we’ve seen in the NFL for a long time or will see for many years. Enjoy it!

Alright, that’s all I got for today. I’ll be back with longer, better posts soon. Stay tuned and Merry Christmas!