Rockets Make A Statement

The Houston Rockets walked into Portland as a slight underdog, but left the overwhelming favorite to win the series. After a 108-81 victory Saturday night, Houston is now in great position to move on to the next round. Yes, it is only one game, but this was quite a dominant game.Rockets Trail Blazers Basketball

They shot 58.5% from the field and out-rebounded the Trail Blazers 44-30. In every facet of the game, Houston outplayed Portland. No one on Houston played too many minutes (Shane Battier played the most at 37) and so no one was over exerted.

The offense was precise and destructive, but the defense was the star of the game. The Blazers shot just 41.7% from the field and were 1 of 11 from 3-point- range. This wasn’t just a bad shooting performance by Portland. This was a great defensive performance from Houston. Every shot was contested.

  1. LaMarcus Aldridge, who averaged over 18 points a game during the regular season, mad just 3 of his 12 shots and scored only 7 points.
  2. Brandon Roy, the only bright spot for the Blazers, shot 10 of 23 from the field for 21 points, but even that was still below his 22.6 season average. Continue reading “Rockets Make A Statement”

So I Haven’t Updated in a While…

It has been nearly three weeks since my last post and instead of trying to catch up with the hundred stories that I missed, I figured I’d skip those and jump right to the NBA Draft. The overall outcome of the draft was fairly predictable with a few surprise trades in between. As mentioned by John Hollinger in this article, the Celtics and Knicks both have desperate general managers who made one last leap of faith and hoped that they got lucky. Danny Ainge came to Boston and restructured the entire team, ridding the organizationg of old, washed up players and bringing in young talent. Unfortunately, Ainge and his scouts cannot judge talent, so the trades they made and the players they drafted dumbfounded even the casual fan. Continue reading “So I Haven’t Updated in a While…”