MLB Playoff Races Heat Up

Now that Bonds’ chase for 756 has ended, focus has switched to division and wild card races. Right now, more than half of the teams are within six games of either their division or the Wild Card. This is setting up for an extremely exciting finish to the season and one that baseball fans are really looking forward too. Here is a quick overview of each division and wild card:

AL East

The Red Sox have been playing mediocre ball since the All Star break and their lead in the division has been cut by 4.5 games since then. Their lineup has struggled recently, but their pitching is good enough to balance out the poor hitting. The Yankees have been on fire since the All Star break and they have stormed to the front of the AL Wild Card, with a division crown not out of the picture. The offense has pounded the ball, but recent struggles by Mariano Rivera leave a few question marks in the back of the bullpen. Predicted Winner: Boston Red Sox Continue reading “MLB Playoff Races Heat Up”

The Yankees Recent Success: A Mirage

If you haven’t looked at the AL Wild Card Standings in a while, than it may surprise you to see that the Yankees are only 4.5 games back of the Cleveland Indians. After a terrible first half of the season, the Yankees have returned to form. Since the All Star break they are 11-3, including their current five game winning streak. Even more impressive is the scores of the games. Their overpriced lineup and $150 million pitching staff both have excelled in recent week. During this stretch, the Yankees have outscored their opponents 108-58. Unfortunately, that is where the good statistics end. The competition has been horrible, as the Yanks have played eight games against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, four against the Toronto Blue Jays, and now two against the Kansas City Royals. The 108-58 advantage on the scoreboard is only, because of two lopsided victories over the Devil Rays (17-5 and 21-4). The scoreboard and record are both deceiving, but that doesn’t mean that the Yankees haven’t improved, right? Continue reading “The Yankees Recent Success: A Mirage”

2007 MLB Mid-Season Report

With the Home Run Derby tonight and All Star Game tomorrow night, MLB has reached the middle of its season and it is time to look back at the first half of 2007.

First, the mid-season awards:

AL MVP: This was one of the toughest awards, because there a three candidates all having terrific years, but in the end, Magglio Ordonez deserves the award. The final three candidates for the award were Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees, Vladimir Guerrero of the Los Angeles Angels, and Magglio Ordonez of the Detroit Tigers. Continue reading “2007 MLB Mid-Season Report”