Is Beckham That Good?

Like many people, I was excited for the arrival of David Beckham to America, but I did not think that he could revive soccer here. After Beckham played only a handful of minutes in his first couple of MLS games, he finally started against D.C. United on Thursday in a Super Liga game . Beckham’s impact was felt immediately, especially after his goal in the 27th minute. He added an assist later in the game to cap off a Los Angeles Galaxy win. One of the worst teams in Major League Soccer, the Galaxy managed to beat D.C. United mainly because of Beckham. The goal and assist are what stand out, but his presence on the field is what may have won the game. Unlike most MLS players, Beckham has the ability to make great pass after great pass. This leads to multiple scoring chances for the Galaxy. With Landon Donovan at striker, Los Angeles will score a lot more goals than they are used to scoring. Against D.C. United, Beckham’s assist was to Donovan who put the ball in the back of the net. Expect that combination to hook up many more times this season. Continue reading “Is Beckham That Good?”

Who’s Now? America Doesn’t Know

ESPN’s new SportsCenter segment “Who’s Now” is trying to determine the current biggest sports athlete. This sounds like a good and interesting iwhosnow_203.jpgdea, but ESPN has done a terrible job creating the bracket and America voting. The way the voting works is three sports analysts each give their selection for the individual match up and that represents 30% of the vote. The other 70% is left up to the fans. In the bracket, there are four regions with each one named for one of the best individual sports athletes ever (Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Billie Jean King, and Babe Ruth). The rankings in each division go as follows: Continue reading “Who’s Now? America Doesn’t Know”