2009 NBA Draft Review

griffin number 1

The 2009 NBA Draft came to completion today as the Clippers took Blake Griffin with the number one overall pick as expected. After that though, everything was up in the air in a draft filled with very little talent. Let’s look at the clear winners to begin:

Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis selected Hasheem Thabeet with the number two overall pick and got DeMarre Carroll with the 27thpick. Then, they got one of the steals of the night with Sam Young at the 36th pick. Thabeet will boost the Grizz’s defense big time and Carroll and Young are both solid players. Neither will be a superstar, but each will give work-man like performances day-in and day-out while adding energy and more defense.

Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets traded their one pick in the draft, but also acquired Ty Lawson from Minnesota for a future first round pick. Lawson is quick, plays strong defense, and runs the point well. He fell all the way to 18th for Minnesota and now sits as a solid back-up point guard for Denver. Continue reading “2009 NBA Draft Review”


Referees Are Too Old

Nuggets Mavericks Basketball

In yesterday’s game against the Denver Nuggets, Dallas’s Anthony Wright tried to foul Carmelo Anthony in the final seconds since the team had a foul to give. No official blew his whistle and Carmelo made a game-winning three-pointer, giving the Nuggets a three games to none lead in the series.

There were 61 fouls called in the game, and yet the most important one was not called at all. After the game, the NBA admitted the missed call. “At the end of the Dallas-Denver game this evening, the officials missed an intentional foul committed by Antoine Wright on Carmelo Anthony, just prior to Anthony’s three-point basket,” said NBA President of league and basketball operations, Joel Litvin.

Wow. That is a bad call to screw up. Maverick players were enraged after the game and owner Mark Cuban pushed a camera man as he left the stadium. Doesn’t such a horrible call undermine the entire idea of sports? Every day, I hear about another official who blew a decisive call in a game. Maybe it’s because more games are getting closer or players are finding ways to push the rules, but it seems like there are more tough calls than ever before.

The playoffs are supposed to decide a champion, but if one team is getting an advantage via officiating, than how can it be fair? A slight advantage is one thing, but when a game is decided such as in the Mavs-Nuggets game, that is not right. Continue reading “Referees Are Too Old”

Allen Iverson: The Cancer of the NBA

The Detroit Pistons announced today that Allen Iverson is done for the season with a bad back. This comes just days after Iverson returned to the Pistons’ lineup, but in an unfamiliar role: as a reserve. Playing 21, 17, aiverson1nd 16 minutes in his three games back, Iverson complained about his playing time and even spoke about retirement. From Philadelphia to Denver to Detroit, the only thing we’ve learned about Allen Iverson is that he is a cancer.


The greatest players of all-time all have one thing: a championship ring. As great a player as Iverson is, he has had only one real chance to capture the crown and even that chance wasn’t that great. He took the 2001 Philadelphia 76ers to the NBA Finals, but they were easily defeated by the Lakers in five games. Except for that one season, Iverson’s record in the playoffs with the 76ers is 17-23, nothing to brag about. He may have been a superstar during his time with the 76ers, but he never was a winner.


Then he was traded to Denver to team up with Carmelo Anthony with what was deemed the best 1-2 punch in the NBA. Iverson was even more unsuccessful with the Nuggets as he won only one out of nine playoff games in his two seasons there. The tandem of him and Anthony should have done better. They should have been nearly unstoppable. All Anthony and Iverson had to do was to play unselfishly and to give the ball up for them to win. For whatever reason, neither really did that and the Nuggets never threatened for the Western Conference crown. Continue reading “Allen Iverson: The Cancer of the NBA”