Soccer, Soccer, Soccer

Ladies and Gentlemen, the invasion may have begun. This summer, soccer has received more media attention and ESPN coverage than ever in the United States. Between the US’s World Cup Qualifying, the Confederations Cup, and the Gold Cup, the USMNT has been on tva lot. Now add in all of those friendlies between various American clubs and the superpowers over in Europe. Real Madrid, AC Milan, Barcelona, Chelsea, and Inter Milan all drew HUGE crowds in stadiums across the country and ESPN televised every game. And at least once a week, if not more, ESPN showed an MLS game. Soccer was more prominent in the United States than ever before during this Summer.

Now, the step is even bigged. ESPN is showing the Premier League and La Liga matches every weekend. That is a MASSIVE step. A lot of the reasons why American don’t follow soccer is that it’s tough to watch the games and to follow the sport. Well now, every weekend morning you can wake up to the best teams in the world playing live, meaningful games on a common station. For soccer fans living in the US, this is extraordinarily exciting. For me, I get to watch my favorite team, Real Madrid, every Sunday morning. Of course, I watched them before on other networks, but watching on ESPN adds so much more. Continue reading “Soccer, Soccer, Soccer”

Who Cares About The NFL Draft

Less than 90 minutes from now, the NFL Draft will get under way with the Detroit Lions selecting QB Matthew Stafford with the #1 overall pick. For the next five hours, ESPN will broadcast every pick of the first two rounds. Then, Sunday morning, they will broadcast ANOTHER eight hours of draft coverage. Just five hours of coverage would be overkill, and ESPN is showing 13.

To be fair, I don’t consider myself much of a football fan. Yea, I’ll watch all my Patriots’ games and know the team fairly well, but in terms of teams I care about, they are down on the list. I still can’t figure out who can watch 13 hours of NFL Draft coverage without killing themselves though.

No other sport has that kind of coverage for an event in which NOTHING is determined. You barely hear anything about the MLB and NHL drafts. The NBA Draft has the closest thing to the kind of coverage that the NFL Draft has, but that is because one player on an NBA team can make much more of a difference than one player on an NFL team.

Think about that in terms of numbers. Five players are on the court at one time in the NBA. If you can significantly improve one of those players in the draft, then you have just improved your team by 10-20%. In football, there are eleven players on offensive and a different eleven for defense. That’s 22 players, so significantly improving one player via the draft only improves your team by 5-10%. Continue reading “Who Cares About The NFL Draft”

Too Much Tiger?


The 3rd roundof the Masters concluded today with Tiger Mania continuing throughout the day. Woods entered the round tied for 19th at just two under par and yet the entire golf world stayed focused on him. Isn’t that too much focus on Tiger?

Everyone keeps wondering whether Tiger can come back from 4… 5… 6… now 7 strokes down. Yes, he did it two weeks ago, but that wasn’t the Masters and that wasn’t against the same competition as the Masters. No offense to Sean O’Hair, but I would not expect Angel Cabrera, Kenny Perry, or Jim Furyk to give up such a large lead.

Speaking of Sean O’Hair. Did you know that O’Hairis tied with Tiger at -4 after the 3rd round? He is one of eight other players tied with Tiger. You probably knew that Phil Mickelson was at 4 under as well. but I’m guessing you couldn’t name any of those 7 other guys. That’s because CBS, ESPN, and the rest of the sports world don’t care about the players tied for 10th place.

Unless one of those players is Tiger.

The man may be the greatest golfer of all time, but until he reaches within 3 of the leader, let’s talk about the leader instead of Woods. Avid golf fans care about the sport, not just Tiger. Let’s talk about the improbable run of 48-year-old Kenny Perry, who is trying to become the oldest major champion ever. Or Angel Cabrera’s attempt to prove that he is not a one-hit-wonder? How about the fact that two South Africans are in the Top 10 (Rory Sabbatini and Tim Clark)? Or Anthony Kim being tied for 10th in just his 1st Master Continue reading “Too Much Tiger?”