Sheffield Goes Too Far

Gary Sheffield is at it again. He has a voice like no other in baseball, one that many people find very annoying, including me. Sheffield could not have made a more stupid comment than the one he just made. Race is the most difficult and dangerous subject for a player to talk about. When a player calls out a former manager for treating players of different races differently, he better have some excellent evidence to support his claim. Sheffield did that and he has no evidence. That’s just where the problems begin.

“Black players are treated differently than white players, particularly at Yankee Stadium. Black players had an issue with Joe Torre. They weren’t treated like everybody else.” Sheffield said. Now when Sheffield says “Black players”, he indicates that there are more black players who have a problem with Torre, but I don’t see anybody else coming forward. That’s because any other players who have the same opinion as Sheffield, are smart enough to keep their mouths shut. Continue reading “Sheffield Goes Too Far”

Racial Relations in MLB Becoming Tense

After Gary Sheffield stated that the decrease in African-Americans in Major League Baseball was a result of Latinos being “easier to control”, Ozzie Guillen remarked that Latinos were being unfairly targeted in the steroid invesitgation. Though these two statements deal with different topics (player races vs. steroids), they both bring basebal’s racial relations into the spotlight. Sheffield and Guillen have never been shy about stating their opinions, but need to watch their step as one wrong word and the media hounds will be all over them. Today, Sheffield cleaned up his statements saying that he meant “nothing derogatory” toward Latin players in his previous remarks. Continue reading “Racial Relations in MLB Becoming Tense”