Add Georgetown to the ACC

Why not add Georgetown to the ACC?

Why not add Georgetown to the ACC?

One of the bigger stories in the sports world today is the possibility that the non-football Big East teams will leave the conference and join the Atlantic 10. From ESPN:

“The 21-team model would occur if the A-10 were to add the seven Big East Catholic schools (Marquette, DePaul, Georgetown, Providence, Seton Hall, St. John’s and Villanova) that met Sunday in New York with Big East commissioner Mike Aresco to go over their options.”

Emphasis mine. I’ve mentioned this before on twitter, but why not add Georgetown to the ACC?!

After Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Louisville and Syracuse enter the conference and Maryland leaves, the ACC will have 14 football schools (Notre Dame still independent in football) and 15 schools in all other sports (or whatever number participate in the given sport). Since Georgetown is a non-football school, why not add them as a 16th team? It’ll keep football at 14 teams to keep a two division format and will make the ACC that much better in all other sports, especially basketball.

In addition, it gets the ACC back into the D.C. market after the loss of Maryland and adds an excellent academic institution.

I’ve mentioned this to friends and everyone seems to agree it makes sense, but I’m not particularly knowledgeable about conference realignment and the politics within it. Am I missing something? Doesn’t this seem like a no-brainer? (Image via)