What Happened to the X Games?

The X Games are not something that I love to watch or wait all year to see, but they are an entertaining competition to watch during the night. You wouldn’t know it, but they are happening right now. X Games XIII began last Thursday, but has barely been advertised and hardly shown. There seems to be one main reason for this: Barry Bonds. Instead of the normal coverage of the event, ESPN has shifted its schedule to cover every San Francisco Giants’ game until Bonds breaks Aaron’s home run record. Watching Bonds’ at bats is fun, because you know that you could be watching history be made, but I really don’t care about the actual game. Maybe if they were in a pennant race, but the Giants are out of it and I have absolutely no reason to watch the actual game. For those that do, watch it on your local stations, but showing the full game is unnecessary. Show “Live Look Ins” to each at bat, but don’t broadcast every inning. There are many other events that sports fans want to watch, including the X Games, that can be shown instead of the Giants’ game.  Continue reading “What Happened to the X Games?”