Who Actually Needs a Kevlar Vest?

This is an honest question. Who actually needs a Kevlar vest? The way I see it, there are three groups of people:

  1. Law enforcement, military, security personnel, etc.
  2. Private security and military
  3. Individual people who are expecting to be shot at

The first group certainly needs and deserves the vests. The second group puts their bodies on the line for people as well (although not always law-abiding people). Both of these groups put themselves in harm’s way as part of their jobs. A Kevlar vest is paramount for their protection.

The third group I’m not so sure about. Does any law-abiding person wake up each day and wear a Kevlar vest? I doubt it. Is there any law-abiding person who expects to be shot at and thus purchases a Kevlar vest and wears it constantly? I’m not so sure. Do any people purchase a vest just in case some day they find themselves expecting to be shot at? That sounds more plausible

But if the answer to all these questions is no, then why should individual people be able to buy these?

The idea of a gunman running around in a Kevlar vest is terrifying. In Newton, we saw the beginning of it. Maybe it’s time we reconsider how easy these are to purchase.

Or am I missing a logical, legal use here?

For the first two groups above, we can issue the vest to the personnel and track them. For the third, is there a reason Kevlar vests should be easily available? Wouldn’t restricting the sales of them prevent future gunmen from protecting themselves. The last thing we want is for one of these horrible acts to end with a gunman protected by Kevlar in a shootout with police.

But my question is sincere. Is there a good reason a law-abiding individual would ever expect to be shot at and thus go out a purchase a Kevlar vest? Or even have one around the house just in case there was a time they expected to be shot at? My guess is the answer to my question is yes, there are plenty of people who actually do this. But I’d love to know for sure. Because if the answer is no, then it’s about time we rethink how easy Kevlar Vests are to purchase.