How Not To Treate A Coach

The Minnesota Timberwolves hired Kurt Rambis as their coach in 2009. After two years with very little improvement,  Rambis was fired today, but not until a lengthy wait forced Rambis to sit idly by while his future remained up in the air.

The NBA Finals ended almost a month ago. The Timberwolves season ended many months ago. What takes this long to come to a decision?

Rambis watched some of the pre-draft workouts, but wasn’t allowed into the draft room on draft night! If you aren’t going to let him in the room, he isn’t going to be the coach next year. Clearly, Minnesota had already made up its mind that Rambis wasn’t going to be its coach so why wait? Why keep Rambis in limbo and prevent him from finding a new job?

How does it help the Timberwolves to start their coaching search in mid-July?

There’s nothing wrong with Minnesota letting Rambis go. The team hasn’t improved in the past two years, although it certainly is better off financially and has more potential on the court. Nevertheless, firing Rambis isn’t up for debate. The Timberwolves’ way they fired him is

Minnesota could have fired Rambis months ago and saved everyone a lot of wasted time. It doesn’t make sense why they waited until today. Is July 12th a special date or something?

So for every other professional sports franchise in the world, I’ll state the obvious (which I guess wasn’t so obvious to Minnesota): If you’re going to fire your coach, don’t wait until three months after the year ends to do so. Do it right away and give him the chance to find a new job


2009 NBA Draft Review

griffin number 1

The 2009 NBA Draft came to completion today as the Clippers took Blake Griffin with the number one overall pick as expected. After that though, everything was up in the air in a draft filled with very little talent. Let’s look at the clear winners to begin:

Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis selected Hasheem Thabeet with the number two overall pick and got DeMarre Carroll with the 27thpick. Then, they got one of the steals of the night with Sam Young at the 36th pick. Thabeet will boost the Grizz’s defense big time and Carroll and Young are both solid players. Neither will be a superstar, but each will give work-man like performances day-in and day-out while adding energy and more defense.

Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets traded their one pick in the draft, but also acquired Ty Lawson from Minnesota for a future first round pick. Lawson is quick, plays strong defense, and runs the point well. He fell all the way to 18th for Minnesota and now sits as a solid back-up point guard for Denver. Continue reading “2009 NBA Draft Review”

2008 NBA Draft Grades

The 2008 NBA Draft is over with some surprises and some trades, but in the end, it was fairly predictable. Up until the Mayo/Love trade at the end of the night, the top 10 picks had all been logical picks by their teams and none of them had been traded. Below I have recapped each teams moves on draft night, briefly analyzed those moves, and graded them. Enjoy!

Atlanta Hawks

No picks. No trades.

An uneventful night in Atlanta. The Hawks proved they had some talent by forcing the Celtics to play 7 games, but this team is not ready for the big-time yet. Not sure if any teams are looking, but I would have liked to see Atlanta part ways with point guard Mike Bibby and try to get younger. There’s plenty of time for that to happen still over the summer.

Grade: C

Boston Celtics 

Chose J.R. Giddens in 1st round (30th Overall)
Chose Semih Erden in 2nd round (60th Overall) 

Acquired Bill Walker (47th Overall pick) for cash considerations and a future draft pick from Washington Wizards

Interesting night for the World Champions. I can’t find a way to explain choosing the trouble-laden Giddensover Chris Douglas Roberts. As a Celtic fan, I was crossing my fingers that CDR would be one the board at the 30thpick and he was, but Danny Ainge passed on him. Giddens may have talent, but he has had so many off the court issues that I can’t see him playing any pro ball. Plus, Ainge could have traded back 20 picks and still gotten Giddens. Having said that, I love the trade for Bill Walker. He is an extremely talented player and has huge possibilities if he stays healthy. I can’t say I know much about Semih Erden except that ESPN says that he has some work ethic issues as well. Seems like the Celtics were looking for players with issues in this draft. Continue reading “2008 NBA Draft Grades”