The Lunacy of James Harrison

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison says that he is going to skip the champion Steelers’ trip to the White House. Harrison doesn’t mention any political reason or scheduling conflict that prevents him from going. He just says, “I don’t feel it’s that big a deal to me”.

Seriously James? A chance to meet the President of the United States, one of the most powerful men in the world. A chance to forever have a picture with the first African-American President in the United State and to show that picture to your grand kids. A chance to put meager football players in comparison with the real world and the real problems beyond football. And you’re passing it all up.

James Harrison just doesn’t think it’s important though.

The fact that championship teams always meet and get a picture with the President has always confused me. What makes them deserve that? The answer I’ve come to is that it puts sports in perspective. Players are looked upon as larger-than-life heroes wherever they go. Place them next to President Obama though and they shrink to normal human beings. Continue reading “The Lunacy of James Harrison”