Message to Serena: Shut Up

Serena Williams commented today, “Quite frankly, I’m the best in the world”. Cocky a little? Oh wait. YOU’RE NOT EVEN RANKED NUMBER ONE! That title goes to Dinara Safina, who has won 4 titles and reached 10 finals in the last year. The rankings don’t lie Serena. They aren’t some made-up system rigged to make you fail.

The player ranked number one is number one. End of story. You can think that you’re the best in the world all you want, but until you actually are number one, keep your mouth shut. Let’s be honest: women’s tennis has a small enough audience as it is and arrogant comments like these just send more fans away. If I were to watch women’s tennis (and I would have to be forced to), I want to watch women who I actually like, because I’d rather watch curling than two obnoxious women huffing and puffing across the court only to put out a game far worse in quality then the men.

But wait. It gets even better. Serena has bigger plays too. She’s going to write a screenplay. Yes, you heard that correctly. The women who has already spent time in fashion, designing, and acting, is picking up another new hobby. She can do everything. How about a presidential bid in 2012?

It’d be one thing if she were going to write an autobiography, because there have been hundreds of athletes who have done that. “No. A screenplay. Nothing is impossible,” says the egotistical tennis star. You can write a screenplay all you want. That is possible. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it never hits the stage. I’m going to say it never even reaches a director’s hands. You play tennis. You’re number two (SECOND-best in the world) in the world. Stick to what you know. Maybe if you focus on tennis, you will find yourself number one and be able to back up these foolish comments. Until then though, kindly be quiet and let the women’s tennis world continue to bumble around in the emptiness that is its fanbase.

Who’s Now? America Doesn’t Know

ESPN’s new SportsCenter segment “Who’s Now” is trying to determine the current biggest sports athlete. This sounds like a good and interesting iwhosnow_203.jpgdea, but ESPN has done a terrible job creating the bracket and America voting. The way the voting works is three sports analysts each give their selection for the individual match up and that represents 30% of the vote. The other 70% is left up to the fans. In the bracket, there are four regions with each one named for one of the best individual sports athletes ever (Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Billie Jean King, and Babe Ruth). The rankings in each division go as follows: Continue reading “Who’s Now? America Doesn’t Know”