Incoming Congressman Ted Yoho Wants Us to Default

I’m a bit behind so I’ll have my reaction to the fiscal cliff deal up in a bit (meh). But first, here’s a little tid-bit from The Atlantic‘s most recent issue. It’s from a short piece by Ben Terris about new House Republican Ted Yoho (R-Fl.), who defeated 12-term incumbent Cliff Stearns in the primary and won the general election easily:

When I called Stearns’s office in Washington last October, he’d had two months to mull the enduring political allure of outsiders. In a terse statement, he warned of a “very steep learning curve to serve in Congress effectively,” and recommended that Yoho lean on Republican leadership as he adjusts to legislative life. Yoho has other ideas. “With all the problems we are having, I won’t be afraid to tell leadership, ‘You need to explain to me why I should follow you anywhere,’ ” he told me, adding that, unlike two-thirds of last year’s freshmen, he would never have voted to raise the debt ceiling. “I think I scare them to death.”

Emphasis mine. That’s yet another House Republican who wants to default on our debts. Yoho officially takes office today with another debt ceiling fight coming up soon. President Obama says he won’t negotiate over the debt ceiling, but I still don’t see how that’s possible.

If Obama sticks to his word, House Republicans will simply let us default. In that respect, Yoho’s right: he scares me to death.