Donovan Flip Flopping

Billy Donovan needs to make up his mind. After agreeing to a five year, twenty seven million dollar contract to coach the Orlando Magic, Billy Donovan wants out. As much as I hate players and coaches who try to void their contracts, this is the right move for Donovan. Signing the contract was a mistake to begin with and Donovan just realized this. Though the money cannot be overlooked, Donovan was due to sign a seven year deal worth 3.75 million dollars a year. He had won back to back national championships at Florida and had built a legacy for himself. Every year your hear about the same coaches who spend over twenty five years on the bench and collect over eight hundred wins durng that time. I think Donovan has an opportunity to make the list. He is still extremely young, but has shown the skill and composure necessary to become a truly great coach. Leaving Florida would have been a mistake that he would have regretted his entire life. Luckily, he noticed before it was to late and, though the money at Orlando is tempting, the possibility of becoming an all-time legendary coach should be more enticing.


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