The Perfect Treatment For Bonds

As Barry Bonds inches closer to home run 756, the media attention continues to increase and scrutinize every move made by the all-star left fielder. Whether you hate Bonds or you love him, all of this attention over him breaking Aaron’s record gives Bondsbonds1.jpg justification that he is the true home run champion. If everyone ignored Bonds and his home run chase, than how could Barry feel like he had accomplished anything? If no one cared when he broke the record, Bonds would feel as if it didn’t matter and that he truly was undeserving. All of this media attention is playing right into Bonds hands.

What if no one did anything when he hit 756? What if no articles were written on it and fans sat in the stadium ignoring him? The only think worse than being hated, is when no cares about you. That is the perfect treatment for Bonds. No articles. No interviews. No clapping. No booing. Nothing. Just silence. Think about the message that would send to Bonds and other players using steroids: You Don’t Count. All of your achievements are meaningless, because you cheated to get them and we are not going to recognize you for anything you accomplish.


One thought on “The Perfect Treatment For Bonds

  1. wats up bud…i don’t care about the steroids for two reasons…innocent until proven guilty even though it is cliche, but more importantly, even if he used steroids, many others did as well and they don’t have 753 HRs

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