Respect for Steroids User?

Now, there is nearly a unanimous agreement among sports’ fans that steroids are a form of cheating and should not be used under any circumstance. Well, Cleveland Browns’ Right Offensive Tackle Ryan Tucker may have found an exception. Tucker was suspended for four games Friday by the NFL for violating its steroid policy, but there is more to this story than meets the eye. Seeing his career and life falling apart around him, Tucker became having mental and emotional issues last year. He became extremely depressed and was desperate to get back to the NFL. Yet, he no longer possessed the size or strength to compete on the pro-level. So he resorted back to the only thing he knew would work: Steroids. Now, reporters can criticize him for going on the juice, but I think he made the right decision. Not just did getting on steroids get him back on the NFL, it got him out of his depression and probably saved his life. Yet, there is one more thing that makes this story a likeable one.

He admitted it, apologized for it, and accepted it. No excuses. No complaining. “I didn’t intend to compromise the integrity of the NFL, my team. I want to apologize to the fans, my family. It’s been a long road in which I was pretty down and out last year. In my attempt to come back I took a banned substance,” said Tucker. It had been a tough year for the offensive linemen, on and off the field, and the only way to get himself healthy was to get back in the NFL. The only way to get back into the NFL was to take steroids. Based on his comments, he knows that steroids are looked down upon, but I don’t think he regrets his decision. “Bottom line, I’m healthy now. My family is healthy and happy. People are behind me here, and my family is behind me. That’s really all I have”. He knows that he let his team and fans down, but understands that had he not used steroids, who knows where he would be. Steroids saved his life, and, if he had the chance to change his decision, he would still go on the juice. Not that he doesn’t fear the consequences, but that the goods outweigh the bads. Think about it. What would you do? Compromise the equality of the game or watch your life fall apart in front of you?


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