2007 NFL Playoff Preview

Here are my NFL Playoff Predictions:AFC                                                                                                    NFC

                                                  Wild Card Round

Broncos over Ravens                                               Bears over Cardinals           
Colts over Bengals                                                    Seahawks over Panthers

                                                  Divisional Round

Patriots over Broncos                                              Saints over Bears
Chargers over Colts                                                 Eagles over Seahawks

                                             Conference Championship

Patriots over Chargers                                            Saints over Eagles

                                                      Super Bowl

                                                Patriots over Saints


3 thoughts on “2007 NFL Playoff Preview

  1. Wow Cardinals make it to the playoffs… i dont think they are ready unless Matt steps up and pulls a Vince Young… i agree with you almost with all but i see a repeat of the season opener .. Colts over Saints

  2. I guarantee you New England will not be WILL NOT be going back to any championships next season!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Tom Brady will never go back to a Super Bowl just like Brett Favre

    not with that 1 Giant loss on their and his backs!!!!!!!!

    And here are 5 SHOCKER teams that I do not see making the Playoffs:

    1.Tennessee-Vince Young didn’t get the receiver he needed in the draft and just face the facts to be a solid playoff team, you have to have a versatile offense for both the run and pass. I see Tennessee bottoming out the AFC south, going no better then 500 and not making the playoffs.

    2.Seattle Sea Hawks-Lets face it last season they were blessed to be in that division, because Matt Lionart was injured, Alex Smith is spelling out BUST, and the Rams had their 2 best guys (QB Mark Boldgier and RB Stephen Jackson on the IR most of the season). Next season I see STL & Arizona being surprise teams and making the playoffs with records above 500. Because they are both due to make the playoffs.

    3.The New England Patriots, that’s right The New England Patriots YOUR PICK TO WIN IT ALL-They are a dynasty that clearly needs to end. That end may be next season, because they have lost their best defender who is also about their youngest in Asantai Samuel (1 of 4 of their 5 starting CB’s who were lost along with about their best young safety in Eugine Wilson. Then they lost their second youngest LB in Rosevelt Colvin + another starter in Junior Seau. And to adding to those loses you have 3 WR’s, 2 more LB’s, 2 more D-Backs, and a few more D-line men. Then in the free agent market they replaced them with a bunch of has beens and never will be’s. I don’t give a rats ass about any hype about the Patriots from NFL.com or ESPN, next season I see age getting to the Pats LB’s and Rodney Harrison making both their back field and their LB core the 2 biggest defensive disappointments in the NFL next season. Also, all the Patriots draft picks (except for the receiver they drafted) from this year will need at least 1 season to learn Bill Belichick’s complicated defensive system meaning they most likely won’t even play a single down next season. And then theirs there devision the AFC East, every team in that devision except for the Pats has signed big names in the free agent market such as Marcus Stroud & Kawika Mitchell (to the Bills), Earnest Wilford & Riggie Tobar (to Miami), and Allan Fanica & Calvin Pace to New York. Next season I see the AFC East dev. title being between the Buffalo Bills & NY Jets one of these teams will beat the Pats (who will have a top 5 worst defense) at New England and both will beat them at home. Next season I could easily see the Pats as 7-9 team because of age on defense.

    4.The New York Giants that’s right the defending super bowl champs-They lost Michael Strahann and lets just face the facts that team has never made the playoffs with Strahann out for the season. This team may also be last in their devision.

    5.Green Bay Packers-Brett Farve is gone, I don’t think Aaron Rogers is the future of this franchise I think he is over rated and Brian Brohm fits their system much better.

    that will not make the playoffs!!!!!!

    And for the record, next season I see the Chargers (who I think are a bunch of steroid addicts just like the Pats) as the favorite to win super bowl 43. But aside from the AFC teams drafting in the top 5 and the Pats, super bowl 43 could be any AFC teams game.

    As for the Pats next season I have already picked their first game as my eliminator pick meaning that the Pats are more likely to win in week 1 against the Chiefs then any other team in the NFL that week. But I see them being smashed by San Diago in week 5 and possibly getting beat by New York, causing their season to start to fall apart. Then on top of all that I see the Pats getting smashed big time by Pittsburgh and Indy as well.

  3. OK, now I’ll give you my 5 surprise shocker picks on teams who will be sleepers next season and make the playoffs. Now, one of these teams I see you have already as a playoff contender.

    1.St Louis Rams-Lets face the facts, after the Marshal Faulk Kurt Warner era this team had a good offense and struggled in the playoffs and at times in the regular season because their defense was amungst the worst in the league. Now since 2004/2005 their QB has had yet to play a full season and last season was a huge disappointment for this team due to injuries of their 2 best players in QB Marc Boldier and RB Stephen Jackson. Since 2005 this team has drafted many good defenders such as Virginia DE Chris Long & Clemson CB Tye Hill in the top 15 and in Long’s case the top 5 picks of the draft. And one of these years the Rams defensive draft picks are going to come around. That could be next season. So next season I see the Rams finally going back to owning their arch nemesis the Seattle Sea Hawks and beating them both times in the regular season on the road and at home. I also see the Rams winning their devision and quite possibly having the best record in the NFC. I also like the insurance policy the Rams have adopted for Marc Boldier next season by signing Dolphins QB Trent Green since he is very familiar with the Rams offense.

    2.Philadelphia Eagles (A team I see you have mentioned above)-I know Philly bottomed out their devision in dead last and traded away their first round pick last season. But again lets face the facts, since Philly has drafted Syracuse QB Donivan McNabb (who believe it or not actually played college ball with Colts WR Marvin Harrison) they have only missed the playoffs 3 times, but also never missed the playoffs back to back times. The last time the Philadelphia Eagles finished dead last in their devision they had a come back year and won it, just like they had in the past. Next season I see them doing the exact same thing with the key addition of Pats CB Asantai Samuel (my pick for 2nd best free agent pickup in 2008 behind MLB Johnathan Vilma and Lindy’s magazines pick for the best free agent pick up). And her are 2 other reasons why I see the Eagles winning the NFC East instead of the Dallas Cowboys, in the past the Eagles have had their way with Dallas in the regular season and Donivan McNabb is due for a come back year. I see that happening next season. I also see Donivan making the pro bowl and getting the 2008 comeback player of the year award.

    3.New York Jets & Buffalo Bills-Well unfortunately only one of these teams can make the playoffs and that will be which ever one beats New England both times in the regular season and wins the AFC East title. It is very difficult as of now for me to decide which one of these teams will be the loan team to come out of the AFC East as a devision winer in the playoffs. With the New York Jets it seems that Chad Pennington is good every other year and when ever Chad is bad, his O-line seems to get important pieces taken away such as last season when the Jets lost G-Pete Kendell to the Red Skins in free agency. This season the Jets have replaced Kendell with quite possibly some one better in Allan Fanica + they added Damien Woody to their O-line, which means Pennington could have another playoff caliber season. I also like the Jets defensive additions of NT Chris Jenkins (from the Panthers) and DE/OLB Calvin Pace (from the Cardinals). And the Bills are well over due to make the playoffs. They addressed that very well this season in the free agent market on defense by signing one of Tom Brady’s worst nightmares’ on D Giants LB Kawika Mitchell and one of Peyton’s wost nightmares’ on D in Jags DT Marcus Stroud who could also have a large impact in rattling the cages of Tom Brady next season. Then there’s Trent Edwards who is a bright young QB that can only get better and could be the steal of last year’s draft.

    4.Houston Texans-Here is another team well over due to make their first ever playoff appearance. Last season they showed they could be a playoff caliber team by the signing of Packers RB Amand Green and Falcons QB Matt Schab. Next season this team will look even better with a healthy Andre Johnson (the best receiver in all of football) and the veteran leader ship the signing of Pats OLB/DE Rosevelt Colvin will bring to the table for their young defense. I also like the insurance policy the Texans have adopted in the free agent market for Amand Green with the signing of Tennessee RB Chris Brown. Next season I see the Texans winning at least 3 devisonal games and defenitaly making the playoffs as a wild card.

    5.The Arizona Cardinals (franco’s favorite team)-This team has had the longest playoffs drought in the NFL. Last year marked the 10th anniversary of the last time they even made the playoffs. Next year could finally be their year with a healthy Matt Lionart. Why?, because when I saw Matt Lionart play in college he reminded me allot of Peyton Manning. I also like this team’s off season acquisition of Pittsburgh LB Clark Haggins since he is familiar with coach Wisenhunt’s system. I also think the Cardinals got a solid steal in this years draft with Miami DE/OLB Cleadus Campell and Middle Tennessee CB Domnique “Rogers” Cromarti. And didn’t this team get WR Early Douchett (another good steal).

    And on my final note, I would like to say that I am not a fan of any of these teams. I just think they are going to be surprise teams next season.

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