Daily Sports Roundup 12/26/07

A new Sports Talk feature is the daily roundup serving the readers a review of each days’ sports news and an opinionated remark on each. Check back daily for a new Sports Roundup. Here is today’s:

Today was a very light day in sports as it is the day after Christmas, so here is a recap of the few stories that made news today.

Clemens’ Lawyer Begins Fight: After being accused in the Mitchell Report of using performance-enhancing drugs, Roger Clemens has begun his fight. His lawyer has begun his own investigation and has found that, “to our surprise, we have identified several people who logic dictates the Mitchell team should have talked to but did not. That’s troubling”. Clemens has vehemently denied the allegations since they first came out. If any other evidence turns up indicating that Clemens used steroids, he will never be able to recover his reputation. Unless he is certain that he can be proved innocent, he should not make these comments as they are only going to cost him later.

Motor City Bowl: Tonight is the Motor City Bowl where currently Purdue and Central Michigan are tied at 41 at the end of the 3rd quarter. This game has been a shootout (obvious by the score) with Central Michigans’ quarterback Dan LeFevour throwing for three touchdowns and rushing for two. Central Michigan finished the year strong winning four of their last five, including a victory over Miami (OH) in the MAC Championship. Purdue was nearly the opposite, winning their first five games and then losing their last three. Though neither team is ranked in the top 25, it has been an exciting game and is set up for a great ending

Prior Signs with Padres: Mark Prior has signed a one year, $1 million deal with the San Diego Padres that could reach $3 million with incentives. The Cubs have expected Prior to be their ace for many years now, but injuries have caused Prior to see very few innings the last few years (none last year). This off-season the Chicago finally gave up, declining to offer a contract to the pitcher knowing that Prior will not be ready to pitch by Opening Day. Good move by the Cubs to get rid of the struggling pitcher. No need to put their hopes in Prior, who would undoubtedly fall apart if he came back. For the Padres, it is also a good decision as they already have an excellent pitching staff and will not have to rely on Prior. He would merely be a bonus.

Patriots vs Giants Simulcast on CBS, NBC: With pressure from fans across the country, the NFL has agreed to show the Patriots vs Giants game (8 et Saturday) on both CBS and NBC. Normally, Thursday and Saturday NFL games are shown only on the NFL Network and on local stations. Feeling that this game is too important to show to only a small audience, Roger Goodell agreed to simulcast the show on CBS and NBC. Great move by Goodell as fans are excited to be able to see this game which many people would have been unable to view.

Red Wings Sign Defenseman Lidstrom: Lidstrom and the Red Wings agreed to a two year, $15 million contract that will keep Lidstrom in Detroit throught the 2009-2010 season. Lidstrom is one of, if not the best, defenseman in the NHL and it has shown in the Red Wings phenomenal defense over the past few years. The captain of the Red Wings, Lidstrom is a fan favorite in Detroit and Red Wings’ fans will be excited knowing that their captain will be staying for at least another two years.

Those are today’s stories. I know they are all small, but Decemeber 26th is not a big sports day. Back tomorrow with more news.


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