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Things You Can Buy For One Yankees Ticket

The New York Yankees’ new stadium has by far the highest ticket price in baseball with a front row single-game ticket behind the backstop going for $2,625. Can you say WOW!?

Look at all the combinations of other sports things you can buy instead of one ticket to see the Bronx Bombers (or Cleveland Bombers, depending on your night):

  1. 1 Season Ticket to the Washington Capitals (Lower bowl, right behind the net – $63 per game)
  2. 2 Season Tickets to the New England Patriots (Lower Bowl, lower rows, midfield – $169 per game)
  3. 4 Season Tickets to the Florida Marlins (Outfield, $7.50 per game – Best team in baseball so far)
  4. 5 Season Tickets to the New England Patriots (Upper Deck – $65 per game)
  5. 6 Season Tickets to the Cleveland Cavaliers OR Los Angeles Lakers (Both Upper Deck and $410 for 41 games)
  6. 13 Season Tickets to the New England Revolution (Lower Bowl, behind goal, $10 per game for 20 games)
  7. 13 Season Tickets to the Arizona Cardinals ($200 for each Upper Deck)
  8. 34 Season Tickets to the Toronto Blue Jays ($76 for 81 games – that’s a bargain!)
  9. Authentic Yankees’ Jerseys for the team’s entire starting lineup, starting rotation, and 3 other of your choosing.
  10. 77 Authentic Yankees’ hats ($34 each)
  11. 389 Nathans Hot Dogs in Yankee Stadium ($6.75 each!)

So there you have it, what you can get for one Yankees’ ticket.

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  1. Chris
    April 20, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    Oh, there are “some” rich people buying these tickets. They are the ones who are giving Yankee Stadium a quiet sound because they could care less about the game and when they do pay attention they do not clap, they golf-clap.

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