The NCAA Continues To Confuse Me

I’ve posted very infrequently here the past year, but I’m back and will update more so check back often for new posts.

The NCAA has always confused and angered me. It always seems to have an agenda and never seems to put the students first.

But it may have reached a whole new level of nonsense now as it is trying to prevent North Dakota from following a state law. Here’s the deal:

North Dakota’s nickname is the Fighting Sioux and its logo depicts an American Indian. In October 2007, the NCAA and North Dakota agreed that it would change both by Aug. 15, 2011 or face NCAA penalties unless it could convince the two Native American tribes in North Dakota, Spirit Lake and the Standing Rock Sioux, to approve the logo and nickname. Spirit Lake had no issue with them, but the Standing Rock Sioux opposed both. Now, though, North Dakota passed a state law requiring the school to keep its current logo and nickname.

So the University can either ignore the law and face the penalty or ignore the NCAA and face the penalty. It’s a lose-lose situation and North Dakota has no choice in the matter. Now wouldn’t it be great if given the situation, the NCAA just backed down and accepted the government’s stance?

It’s pretty absurd that the North Dakota legislation got involved in all this, but it’s happened and the NCAA must adapt. If North Dakota ignores the NCAA, it will not be allowed to host postseason games and will not be allowed to wear its logo in postseason games. It’s not a huge penalty and not that big of a deal, but the NCAA is holding firm.

What exactly does it expect North Dakota to do? Defy the law? That’s expecting quite a lot from the University and puts it in an unfair position.

So a message to NCAA President Mark Emmert: let it go.


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