Yankees Are A Different Team Night and Day

The Yankees are 28-5 during the day. They are just 28-33 at night.

So the Yankees have as many wins during the day as night though they’ve played 28 fewer day games! What gives?

I dug into this a little more. The Yankees top three pitchers, Sabathia, Burnett and Garcia, have each started seven day games. The Yankees were 18-3 in those games, including 7-0 when Sabathia took the hill. Ivan Nova, the Yankees number five guy, has made just three day game starts (the Yankees are 3-0 in those however). This is probably just a strange coincidence but when you’re number 1-3 pitchers start 21 day games and the number five guy starts just three, you’re certainly going to win more than you lose.

Of course, the Yankees have done more than just stay above .500 during day games. They’ve won 84.8 percent of those games! They’ve given up just 2.91 runs per game while scoring 5.64 and are a total of +90 during the 33 games. Seventeen of the games were at home while 16 were on the road, a very even split (only one loss came at home).

As a team, the Yankees have a .279 batting average and .831 OPS during the day.

But this is where New York should get concerned. During night games, the Yanks are batting just .247. A .247 team average would rank 22nd in all of the majors.

For the rest of the season, the Yankees play 22 of their 68 remaining games during the day. If their winning percentage at night and during the day continues as it is, they’ll win about 40 of their remaining 62 games (18.7 of the 22 day games, 21.1 of the remaining 46 night games).

That will leave them with 96 wins and likely the AL Wild Card berth. Good right?

Well, maybe not. It’s World Series or bust for the Bronx Bombers and if they can’t win at night, they aren’t going to be the last ones left standing come October. Just two of the Yanks nine playoff games last year were day games (and they were both 4:07 games). During their 2009 title run, New York played just one of its 15 games during the day (a 4:07 start as well).

In the postseason, there aren’t many day games and the Yankees play in less than their fair share of those so MLB can put them on primetime. If New York can’t find a way to win at night, they’re going to struggle come October.

For more in depth information on the Yankees day games, click here.


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