The Etch A Sketch is Back!

I’m off and on watching the Russia-Spain basketball semifinals right now and I happened to look up during a timeout and guess what the Spain coach is using to draw up play during a timeout? An Etch A Sketch with basketball lines on it:

Pretty cool, huh?

This also gives me a chance to praise BBC’s coverage of the Olympics. I was extremely upset with NBC’s coverage, but I’m on a family trip right now in Europe and have had the chance to watch a lot of coverage on BBC. They are showing everything live and on TV. The commentators have been terrific, nearly all experts in the sports they cover. It does help that the games are all timed so the best events are in prime time – I have no doubt NBC’s coverage would be significantly better if everything was in the Eastern time zone. But still, it has been a true pleasure to watch the Olympics over here – and that’s how it should be.


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