Foreign Policy Debate

The day has come. In just a few hours, I and 15 of my classmates will take part in a public debate on President Obama and Governor Romney’s foreign policy strategies. We are split up into two teams of eight and have been studying their policies inside and out. This debate is also our midterm and is worth 30 percent of our grade. Two surrogates – one from each campaign – are coming down to moderate the debate and it will also be streamed online here. The debate runs from 5:30 –  7:30 and for those on campus, it’s in Von Canon in the Bryan Center.


One thought on “Foreign Policy Debate

  1. As an executive, someone who has voted both sides of the aisle my entire life–this man has no idea how lead.

    One must listen, negotiate and NEVER vilify business for it is backbone of our country. One must never ever blame the other for not accomplishing something. Irrespective of what he has not accomplished, he refuses to accept responsibility and blames others–that in and of itself is disgusting. He is a demagogue.

    Most voters are scared and lack the courage to break free of group think—the refuse to recognize the his lack of leadership. That’s in of itself is not a concern. But what is, is their sheer lack of ignorance and responsibility in educating themselves about our fiscal situation. If you think we are that far away from the fiscal cliff—why is California, municipalities, other states and local governments broke? The well doesn’t go on forever. Greece was only 1.2Trillion in debt when the S&P downgraded their bonds to junk. The USA is $16 Trillion.
    We CANNOT AFFORD ANOTHER 4 YEARS OF A PRESIDENT THAT will keep adding another Trillion and thinks this can go on forever. He is CLUELESS. The big bird issue is PBS NEEDS to compete. $150M plus $150M plus $150M keeps adding up people. Anybody who thinks $150M is nothing is a fool. That’s why we need Romney.

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