Joe Girardi’s Message to His Team: Support A-Rod

Giardi made sure his team stuck up for A-Rod.

Giardi made sure his team stuck up for A-Rod.

It was coming at some point. The hatred for Alex Rodriguez is palpable throughout all of baseball. Players hate that their MLBPA dollars are going to his defense. And with the Red Sox and Yankees playing this weekend, it was all but certain that A-Rod would get plunked at least once. After two clean games, Ryan Dempster took it upon himself to take up the task. In the second inning, with no one out and no one on base, Dempster threw the first pitch behind Rodriguez’s back, then threw two more balls and, with a 3-0 count, hit him in the back. Sox manager John Farrell can claim otherwise as much as he wants, but the pitch was certainly intentional.

Home plate umpire Brian O’Nora warned both teams immediately, but did not eject Dempster. The benches briefly cleared, but the players never came together. Yankees manager Joe Girardi was incensed. He got in O’Nora’s face, screaming at the umpire and throwing his hat in disgust. Girardi was quickly ejected, but his point was clear: Alex Rodriquez is a member of the New York Yankees and players stick up for their teammates. After rumors surfaced last week that A-Rod had turned over evidence that implicated other MLB players in the Biogenesis scandal, including teammate Francisco Cervelli, it was fair to wonder how even his own teammates would treat him. Rodriguez has always been an outcast in the clubhouse, but if he had snitched on a teammate, would players even support him when he inevitably got beaned?

The answer is yes. The dugouts and bullpens cleared briefly, but the main action was Girardi’s tirade against O’Nora. He knew Dempster hit A-Rod on purpose and wanted the Sox starter ejected from the game. But the real reason for his explosion was to show his team that no matter what A-Rod has done, he’s still the starting third basemen for the New York Yankees and as such, they will defend him. They can ignore him in the clubhouse and after the game, but on the diamond, teammates protect each other. Period. Girardi sent that message loud and clear.


Manny Being Stupid

Major League Baseball announced today that Los Angeles Dodgers left-fielder Manny Ramirez has tested positive for steroids and will begin serving a 50-game suspension tonight.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

This actually surprises me more than Alex Rodriguez’s admission of steroid use. Manny. He has such a fluid swing and perfect balance. You watch him swing a bat and I honestly never considered him as a steroid-user since his swing was so perfect. I never suspected his power, because his swing was so powerful that I assumed it could generate it.

Well, I was wrong and this leads me to ask a whole new series of questions. Before this, the league, fans, and media abided by the policy, “innocent until proven guilty”. If you weren’t connected to steroids, you were assumed to have been clean. I don’t think that’s the case anymore. How can anyone be above suspicion when the two greatest hitters in baseball have been caught in the last two months? Now, it is “guilty until proven innocent”. Continue reading “Manny Being Stupid”

The A-Rod Saga Continues

It doesn’t end. The New York Daily News reported today that in Selena Roberts’s upcoming book, Roberts reveals that Rodriguez took steroids while he was with the Yankees and in high school. Shocking news? Not really. None of that surprises me. His news conference a couple months ago was filled with contradictions so finding out that he lied doesn’t exactly blow my mind. What surprises me is that it is no longer my personal opinion, but is now an fact-based report. Roberts’s book, entitled “A-Rod”, is scheduled to be released on May 4th and I am looking forward to reading it.

A-Rod may have the most fragile ego in the world, as he constantly needs to be reminded of his skill. How’s he going to feel being scorned by every fan in baseball? Will Yankee fans even accept him back? The guy has given “heart felt” interviews with Katie Couric and Peter Gammons and LIED in both of them. He gave an emotional press conference while surrounded by his teammates and LIED to the world. He can’t refute these claims, because his name is so tarnished. Roberts original report about A-Rod using steroids was true so why should I not believe these new allegations? There are quotes from former high school teammates and statistics of his workout regimen. The evidence adds up and I trust Roberts. I am amongst many. I do want to read the full book before making a final decision on who to believe, but as of now, these allegations seem awfully truthful. So how can A-Rod rebound from this? Continue reading “The A-Rod Saga Continues”