The A-Rod Saga Continues

It doesn’t end. The New York Daily News reported today that in Selena Roberts’s upcoming book, Roberts reveals that Rodriguez took steroids while he was with the Yankees and in high school. Shocking news? Not really. None of that surprises me. His news conference a couple months ago was filled with contradictions so finding out that he lied doesn’t exactly blow my mind. What surprises me is that it is no longer my personal opinion, but is now an fact-based report. Roberts’s book, entitled “A-Rod”, is scheduled to be released on May 4th and I am looking forward to reading it.

A-Rod may have the most fragile ego in the world, as he constantly needs to be reminded of his skill. How’s he going to feel being scorned by every fan in baseball? Will Yankee fans even accept him back? The guy has given “heart felt” interviews with Katie Couric and Peter Gammons and LIED in both of them. He gave an emotional press conference while surrounded by his teammates and LIED to the world. He can’t refute these claims, because his name is so tarnished. Roberts original report about A-Rod using steroids was true so why should I not believe these new allegations? There are quotes from former high school teammates and statistics of his workout regimen. The evidence adds up and I trust Roberts. I am amongst many. I do want to read the full book before making a final decision on who to believe, but as of now, these allegations seem awfully truthful. So how can A-Rod rebound from this?

I don’t think he can. Add in the fact that the man has an injury not easy to return from in a torn labrum. Not just that, but he there are plenty of other issues surrounding A-Rod such as his divorce, affair with Madonna (amongst others), and the picture below. He’s going to be destroyed in ballparks across the country. Just wait until he comes to Fenway. He’s going to be attacked like no player has ever been attacked before. How’s his fragile ego going to hold up in the Yankee clubhouse, where he’s hated already? In the report, Roberts says that A-Rod “pitch-tipped” meaning that he gave opposing batters signs in blow out games, hoping that those batters would tell him signs in later blow out games so that he could raise his batting average. That’s going to go over real well with the rest of the team.

How about with MLB? Well he met with MLB officials after he admitted using steroids a few months ago and supposedly told them the same story that he told the media. Well then he has lied to MLB and that could put him at jeopardy of being disciplined. At this point, if the allegations are “irrefutable” as Roberts claims, then A-Rod should be suspended. He is embarrassing baseball and dragging out this dark part of baseball history. He deserves to miss games not because of an injury, but because he cheated and lied and lied and lied. How many times does the man get to cry and pout and tell half truths before baseball says, “Enough is enough. Get out of our sport”?


5 thoughts on “The A-Rod Saga Continues

  1. actually, she said they were irrefutable to her, which means she believes what she wrote, that is all, they cannot actually prove anything, not a single person in the world can try and prove steroid use based on 16-17 year old high school workouts charts. not that i believe much of it anyways, these HS players have not said a word in the last 17 years and now they just remembered everything that happened and felt the need to spill. and that pitch-tipping is total BS, do you really think any player in the majors could get away with that. no, highly highly unlikely. i guess A-rod was such a nice guy that nobody ever felt like ratting on him for his entire career.

    1. I agree that the high school players coming out of the woodwork now is suspicious, but I wouldn’t disregard their comments because of the timing. They may have felt a loyalty to A-Rod not to call a reporter and tell them, but when Roberts called them, then they may have cracked. Obviously, no one can prove the truth, but the fact that there are multiple teammates makes me lean towards believing them.

      As for the pitch tipping, I hope it is BS. It scares me. The league would lose all respect and integrity.

      Thanks for the comment

  2. This bitch selena roberts needs to get a fuckin life…..i bet you she has a few skeletons in the closet as well…what a fuckin lieing worthless bitch

    1. Selena Roberts is on my opinion the lowest form of life possible. I just wish she doesn’t sell any of her books so she can’t profit off of this anymore than she already has. She kees on accusing a person (that I am not even a big fan of) of using steroids by doing extensive resarch against him. I’ll bet if we do the same research on her life we can find out all of her wrong doings and how she got to the top of her industry by any means possible. Once again I do not like A-Rod, but I think that most people would do what it takes to be the best at what they do. Another thing that she said was that A-Rod gained a lot of weight in a short time when he was in high school. People are still developing in high school and can gain weight in a short period of time especially when they start a more strict workout routine. I gained 20 pounds in the matter of a coule months by just working out 3 or 4 times a week. Selena, in my opinion is just out for a quick buck without doing the work that A-rod did even if he wason steroids. Steroids alone don’t make a great player, it still takes hard work.

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