Daily Sports Roundup 12/26/07

A new Sports Talk feature is the daily roundup serving the readers a review of each days’ sports news and an opinionated remark on each. Check back daily for a new Sports Roundup. Here is today’s:

Today was a very light day in sports as it is the day after Christmas, so here is a recap of the few stories that made news today.

Clemens’ Lawyer Begins Fight: After being accused in the Mitchell Report of using performance-enhancing drugs, Roger Clemens has begun his fight. His lawyer has begun his own investigation and has found that, “to our surprise, we have identified several people who logic dictates the Mitchell team should have talked to but did not. That’s troubling”. Clemens has vehemently denied the allegations since they first came out. If any other evidence turns up indicating that Clemens used steroids, he will never be able to recover his reputation. Unless he is certain that he can be proved innocent, he should not make these comments as they are only going to cost him later.

Motor City Bowl: Tonight is the Motor City Bowl where currently Purdue and Central Michigan are tied at 41 at the end of the 3rd quarter. This game has been a shootout (obvious by the score) with Central Michigans’ quarterback Dan LeFevour throwing for three touchdowns and rushing for two. Central Michigan finished the year strong winning four of their last five, including a victory over Miami (OH) in the MAC Championship. Purdue was nearly the opposite, winning their first five games and then losing their last three. Though neither team is ranked in the top 25, it has been an exciting game and is set up for a great ending Continue reading “Daily Sports Roundup 12/26/07”


October is Approaching

The Major League Baseball season is coming to an exciting end. With less than two weeks remaining, division races are close and wild cards are up for grabs. The AL East is getting closer by the day as the Red Sox continue to free fall. The Yankees have destroyed Baltimore pitching to close to 2.5 games of the AL East. There are no games remaining between the two teams, but the Yankees recent hot streak combined with the Sox cold streak leaves this division up in the air. The AL Central and West are basically over as the Indians and Angels both have leads over seven games. If the Red Sox can start winning again, they will have to fight with the Indians and Angels for the American League’s best record. All three teams are within half a game of each other, so that competition will likely go down to the final day. Finally is the AL Wild Card, where the Yankees have all, but locked that one up too. Detroit is only behind the Yankees by five games, but the way the Yankees have played lately, the Tigers need to win the rest of their games. That is a quick overview of the American League. My prediction for the first round playoff matchups: Sox vs Indians, Yankees vs Angels Continue reading “October is Approaching”

Catching Up…

It’s been two weeks since my last post so I have to catch up on a bunch of stories. Those include MLB playoff races, but let’s start with one that has filled the headlines recently though, Michael Vick:

After pleading guilty to federal conspiracy charges, Michael Vick could face up to five years in prison (though the sentence recommendation is between 12 and 18 months). The legal matter is complicated, so it is easier to look at the football side of things. As everyone waits to find out the length of his jail term, Vick must regain Americans’ trust before he even contemplates a return to the NFL. Vick must rebuild his character and show that he has changed. His apology after pleading guilty sounded sincere and honest, but was it? He lied to the public over and over again during the investigation, so why should fans believe that he is really going to change. Yes, the apology sounded genuine, but how much of it is Vick’s agent and lawyer dictating his speech. Did he write the apology or is he just reading someone else’s work? Even worse, does he even believe what he is saying? Fans can no longer trust Vick, and to regain that trust borders on impossible. Even if he is a perfect prisoner, apologizes again, and gives back to the community, most fans will never support Vick. If it is impossible for Vick to win over most fans, think about how hard it will be for him to win over a franchise. Continue reading “Catching Up…”