Schilling’s Comments Make Sense

 Red Sox Pitcher Curt Schilling made a number of remarks to HBO’s Bob Costas about Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Jose Canseco. As you can expect from Schilling, these comments were biased and somewhat ignorant. At the same time, they all made sense and echoed many fans’ opinions. Schilling has said some things that he shouldn’t have in the past, but these comments make sense on multiple levels. First, that the lack of civil suits by Bonds proves that he took steroids. Second, that cheaters should be punished for their actions and their careers wiped clean. Continue reading “Schilling’s Comments Make Sense”

Schilling, Lebron, and More

Been a few days since I’ve posted so I have a lot to get to beginning with Curt Schilling’s no-hit bid on Thursday. Just a gut-wrenching ending to a magnificent outing. Schilling has been close before, but yesterday was especially painful. Coming one out away and then seeing a once in a lifetime opportunity fall apart is excruciating to watch. Schilling will only speak about how happy he was to get his team a win and break the Red Sox three-game losing streak, but inside it must be killing him. There has been a lot of talk about Schilling shaking off Varitek with the pitch to Shannon Stewart, but this infamous “shake off”, as it has been come to be known, has been over exaggerated. Pitchers shake of their catcher many times a game and to have this much emphasis on one shake off is over examining a situation. Stewart stayed on the fastball and went opposite field nicely with it. Good hitting. Schilling placed the ball on the outside corner, a good pitch, but Stewart was ready. Enough said. Continue reading “Schilling, Lebron, and More”