Schilling, Lebron, and More

Been a few days since I’ve posted so I have a lot to get to beginning with Curt Schilling’s no-hit bid on Thursday. Just a gut-wrenching ending to a magnificent outing. Schilling has been close before, but yesterday was especially painful. Coming one out away and then seeing a once in a lifetime opportunity fall apart is excruciating to watch. Schilling will only speak about how happy he was to get his team a win and break the Red Sox three-game losing streak, but inside it must be killing him. There has been a lot of talk about Schilling shaking off Varitek with the pitch to Shannon Stewart, but this infamous “shake off”, as it has been come to be known, has been over exaggerated. Pitchers shake of their catcher many times a game and to have this much emphasis on one shake off is over examining a situation. Stewart stayed on the fastball and went opposite field nicely with it. Good hitting. Schilling placed the ball on the outside corner, a good pitch, but Stewart was ready. Enough said.

On to game 1 of the NBA Finals, where the Cavalier’s complementary and bench players showed up to play, but the stars stayed home. The combination of Lebron James, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, and Larry Hughes went 6-29 from the field for only 18 points. James was particularly bad as he committed 6 turnovers and missed a couple of important shots at the end of the game, costing his team a chance at a win. On the other hand, Daniel Gibson continues to shine on the national stage, going 7-9 from the field and scoring 16 points. It may be time for Cavalier’s coach Mike Brown to insert Gibson into the starting lineup and see if he continues his hot play. Cleveland fans should not be disheartened though, because even with their top three players struggling, San Antonio only managed to win by nine points. If Lebron can perform at the top of his game, and the rest of the team continues its production, Cleveland could have a chance at knocking off the Spurs. To do so, they also need to step up the defense, because Tony Parker scored at will and Tim Duncan made uncontested layup after layup. It is a tough challenge for the young Cavaliers, but not impossible. Lebron needs to be the best player in the league, and the whole team must play near-perfect defense Good Luck! (A side not to game 1. Could they make the game more dull? I hate watching the Spurs style already and the lethargic Cavaliers did not make the game anymore entertaining. If you want to play defense go back to the college level. The Pros are about scoring and that is why everyone loves watching the Suns and Mavericks. San Antonio plays this slow, defensive, grind-it-out style makes the game move like molasses. Commissioner Stern needs to speed up the action and increase the scoring or casual fans are going to quickly change the channel)

Clemens made his first start of the season today, going six innnings and giving up three runs on a 108 pitches, a solid outing for his first start of the season. Unfortunately, the Yankees may need more than solid from the 7-time Cy Young Award winner. The Yanks bats came alive today, but a 4 – 5 ERA is not going to cut it. I see Clemens’s deal as very similar to the Red Sox’s Daisuke Matsuzaka as both have huge contracts and I expect both to stay around the 4.50 ERA range. Clemens has not pitched in the American League in a few years and has been inconsistent in his minor league appearances. Matsuzaka has been inconsistent as well and seems to have settled in at at mid-4 ERA.

Towmorrow morning the French Open Mens Finals match begins with Roger Federer trying to capture his elusive career Grand Slams, but facing his arch rival in Rafael Nadal. This should be a phenomenal match as the two best players in the world square off. Nadal is a great clay courst player and the French Open plays right into his style. On the other hand, a French Open title would have to mean more to Federer who would complete his career Grand Slam, something few men have ever accomplished. Federer would also have completed half of the Grand Slam, with only having to win the US Open and Wimbledon. Watching these two men battle is like watching a one on one match between Michael Jordon and Larry Bird or seeing Tiger Woods play a round of Golf with Arnold Palmer. Every shot is spectacular, every miss critical, and every match historic.

Last bit of news to report on, John Daly’s wife reportedly tried to stab her husband. John and his wife, Sherrie, have been involved with the police for a number of reasons, but this assault is a new one. Both of them have filed for divorce more than a year ago, yet the two somehow still seem to live together. An interesting story to follow with one of the most unique and unusual players in the game today involved.


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