Leave The Scrubs In!!

Pistons Cavaliers BasketballIn last night’s game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Detroit Pistons, Cleveland led by 29 points one minute into the fourth quarter at 79-50 and both teams subbed their scrubs into the game. Well, the Pistons’ backups came ready to play and in the next couple minutes, Detroit went on a 27-5 run, cutting the Cavs’ lead to 7.

All of a sudden, the Pistons were back in the game. Just as quick as they got back in the game though, Detroit found themselves down 91-77 , because they had put their starters back in the game.

Games 1 and  2 have proven that the Detroit starters cannot compete with the Cavs top guys. They may steal a game in Detroit out of pure adrenaline, but I don’t even see that happening. The Cavs are going to beat the Pistons’ starters 90 out of 100 times. It was clear all game last night that it was not one of the 10% of times the Pistons’ starters.

If the starters only have a 15% chance of winning against Cleveland’s top players than the reserves, the scrubs, must have a 1% chance of winning. From the first three quarters, it was clear that Detroit was not going to win with it starters on the court. However, the surge in the fourth quarter gave the slimmest of hope that maybe this was the scrubs 1% chance of winning. Now, to be fair, the Pistons’ scrubs played against the Cavaliers’ scrubs and that is very different than playing against LeBron James and his unit. The chances were still extremely minimal, but it was better than the 0% chance Detroit’s starters had at winning. Continue reading “Leave The Scrubs In!!”


Bruins vs Habs: Best Rivalry in Hockey

Only one weekend remains in the NHL regular season and I could not be more excited for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. There is one first round match-up (assuming it happens) that is particularly enticing:

1 Boston vs 8 Montreal:bruins-vs-habs

 The Habs clinched a playoff birth with an overtime loss in Boston last night in a game that was amazing. The second period lasted a full hour, because the referees had to spend so much time determining penalties after nearly a half-dozen fights. And by fights, I don’t mean 1 on 1, I mean 5 on5, everyone on the ice duking it out with an opponent. Add that to a thrilling, high-paced game with multiple lead changes and an overtime winner and you have a phenomenal hockey game. And this is the regular season.

Last year Boston took number one seeded Montreal to 7 games before falling and the Bruins will be licking their lips for a rematch with the Canadians. Boston’s bruiser Milan Lucic is target number one for the Canadians after bashing the Habs throughout the entire season. Lucic’s biggest victory came early in the season in a fight again Mike Komisarek, who spent more than the next month off the ice with an injury from the fight. Continue reading “Bruins vs Habs: Best Rivalry in Hockey”

At The Top of the NBA

With over a month of the NBA season complete, the top of the league is a crowded. The usual Western Conference powerhouses, San Antonio, Phoenix, and Dallas, are all up there, but the Eastern Conference is finally making some noise. Detroit is good as always, but Boston and Orlando have burst on to the scene as title contenders. Orlando center Dwight Howard has become one of, if not the best, big man in the NBA. He averages 23 points and 15 rebounds per game, and his supporting players have picked up their play as well. Rashard Lewis is averaging 18 points per game and Jameer Nelson is averaging 12 points and 6 assists. After a 40-42 season last year, Orlando has jumped out to a 18-10 record this year and is poised to make a run at an Eastern Conference title. Continue reading “At The Top of the NBA”