Does Anyone Care About the Tour de France?

The Tour de France enters the 18th stage tomorrow with Lance Armstrong currently residing in 4th place while Alberto Contador continues to hold the yellow jersey. And yet I say, who cares.

When Armstrong dominated cycling and proved that America could win a sport that they didn’t care about, the Tour de France was slightly interesting. With Armstrong leisurely sitting in the fourth position and Contador quickly pulling away from the field, I have absolutely no reason to follow the race. ESPN shows updates of where Armstrong is and what stage there in, but it lasts maybe three minutes and is entirely focused on the aging American. It’s not just me that doesn’t care. No one cares.

Cycling has been undermined by doping and steroids so much that the little interest that existed beforehand has disappeared. Armstrong was, and to an extent still is, an icon. Livestrong. The man who beat cancer and came back to win the Tour de France. Then allegations of cheating arose. Nothing has been proven and nothing every will be, but the rumors still exist. Armstrong’s legacy has suffered a big blow. And with that, my interest in the Tour de France dwindled so cycling as a whole has suffered a big blow. Continue reading “Does Anyone Care About the Tour de France?”


Lance Armstrong: Doping Hero

Does anyone really believe that Lance Armstrong didn’t use performance enhancing drugs? That they didn’t help him win all those Tour de France titles? Come on. Let’s be serious here.

The question isn’t whether he doped, it’s weather his achievements are any less amazing because he doped?

Everyone in cycling uses steroids and other PEDs. I can’t prove that. No one truthfully can, but so many players have been found guilty of doping, through positive drug tests, that I believe that 95% of bikers dope. So if Lance is just one of many,does it make his 7 consecutive Tour de France titles any less extraordinary?

Yes and No

Yes, he loses credibility and respect, because his entire message of fighting cancer and coming back is tainted by his use of harmful substances. He’s injecting himself with steroids that no one fully knows the consequences of. How is that a good example to set for kids? Continue reading “Lance Armstrong: Doping Hero”