The A-Rod Saga Continues

It doesn’t end. The New York Daily News reported today that in Selena Roberts’s upcoming book, Roberts reveals that Rodriguez took steroids while he was with the Yankees and in high school. Shocking news? Not really. None of that surprises me. His news conference a couple months ago was filled with contradictions so finding out that he lied doesn’t exactly blow my mind. What surprises me is that it is no longer my personal opinion, but is now an fact-based report. Roberts’s book, entitled “A-Rod”, is scheduled to be released on May 4th and I am looking forward to reading it.

A-Rod may have the most fragile ego in the world, as he constantly needs to be reminded of his skill. How’s he going to feel being scorned by every fan in baseball? Will Yankee fans even accept him back? The guy has given “heart felt” interviews with Katie Couric and Peter Gammons and LIED in both of them. He gave an emotional press conference while surrounded by his teammates and LIED to the world. He can’t refute these claims, because his name is so tarnished. Roberts original report about A-Rod using steroids was true so why should I not believe these new allegations? There are quotes from former high school teammates and statistics of his workout regimen. The evidence adds up and I trust Roberts. I am amongst many. I do want to read the full book before making a final decision on who to believe, but as of now, these allegations seem awfully truthful. So how can A-Rod rebound from this? Continue reading “The A-Rod Saga Continues”