Schilling, Lebron, and More

Been a few days since I’ve posted so I have a lot to get to beginning with Curt Schilling’s no-hit bid on Thursday. Just a gut-wrenching ending to a magnificent outing. Schilling has been close before, but yesterday was especially painful. Coming one out away and then seeing a once in a lifetime opportunity fall apart is excruciating to watch. Schilling will only speak about how happy he was to get his team a win and break the Red Sox three-game losing streak, but inside it must be killing him. There has been a lot of talk about Schilling shaking off Varitek with the pitch to Shannon Stewart, but this infamous “shake off”, as it has been come to be known, has been over exaggerated. Pitchers shake of their catcher many times a game and to have this much emphasis on one shake off is over examining a situation. Stewart stayed on the fastball and went opposite field nicely with it. Good hitting. Schilling placed the ball on the outside corner, a good pitch, but Stewart was ready. Enough said. Continue reading “Schilling, Lebron, and More”


Hey guys! This is my first post, so we will see how it goes. Basically, I created this blog, because so many things in sports infuriate me and I wanted somewhere to express my opinions. Feel free to post a comment against my opinions, but know that I don’t post without facts and statistics behind me! So to kick off my first post, how about we talk about the Sox stomping on the Yanks yesterday.

Friday night’s game was a tough loss to handle. The Sox left men on base nearly every inning and the pitching was not better, hitting batters and walking players left and right. Painful to watch in many ways. Today seemed to be heading the same way, with the Sox leaving many men on base in the first few innings, but our offense finally came through and the bullpen held strong.

A side note to the game, Kevin Youkilis’s hitting streak came to an end, but he had 3 walks in the game, including one in the eighth inning when it was clear that it was going to be his final at bat. That really shows what Youk is all about. I know that I’d be swinging in the eight no matter the count, but Youkilis stuck to his game and sacrificed his hitting streak. In a big situation I can see taking the walk, but up by five runs in the bottom of the eighth, I think you should be swinging.

Enough of the Sox and Yanks. On to a different topic. I’m not sure how many of you saw the video of the Double-A manager’s tantrum and theatrics yesterday, but it was one of the best ejections from a baseball game ever. The video can be found below and it will make you laugh. As the video heading says on ESPN, the guy did exit in style (especially with the grenade).

On a final note, what a great day for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Just a remarkable performance last night, even when Lebron was clearly exhausted from his heroic performance in game 5. Most people are not giving him a shot vs. the Spurs, but they showed last night that they can win when Lebron has an off night. If I am a Spurs fan, that scares me and I better not take this team for granted, because they will do the same thing to Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili as they did to Rip Hamilton, Chauncy Billups, and Rasheed Wallace. After saying that, I do not think Cleveland has an answer for Duncan and the Spurs will take the series in six. Hope you all enjoyed my first post and check back in the next few days for another one!