Daily Sports Roundup 1/3/08

A big day in sports today so here we go:

Dolphins Bringing Back Williams: Based on a letter from the Dolphins, Ricky Williams’s agent said that Bill Parcells and Miami are going to renew Williams’s contract for the 2008 season. Williams has served multiple suspensions for failed drug tests and when he was finally allowed to play this year, he tore a pectoral muscle after only six carries. His rehab is supposedly going well though. It must be for the Dolphins to bring him back for another year. Ricky Williams is always a risk, because there is no way of knowing what he will do next. Yet, the Dolphins were 1-15 this season so even if Williams falls apart, they can’t get much worse

Roy Williams Replacing Taylor in Pro Bowl: The late Sean Taylor was elected to the Pro Bowl as a starter to honor his memory. Dallas Cowboys’ safety Roy Williams gets the honor of replacing Taylor in the Pro Bowl. It was a great move by the NFL to let Taylor be elected a starter and I’m sure they will remember him during the Pro Bowl. “I appreciate being the first alternate to go. We are going to do something special for Sean and his family. … It’s an honor to be going in his place” said Williams, who was the 12th Cowboy selected to the Pro Bowl, a league record. Though the Pro Bowl is never that entertaining of an event, it will be interesting to see how the NFL, Roy Williams, and the rest of each team handle Taylors’ absence.

Athletics Send Swisher to White Sox: The Oakland Athletics sent outfielder Nick Swisher to the Chicago White Sox for three minor leaguers. The A’s were hoping to compete next year in the AL West, but have completely changed routes. They sent ace pitcher Dan Haren to the Arizona Diamondbacks less than a month ago and now have dealt away their best hitter. They received 9 prospects for both of those players and have begun rebuilding again. If Oakland ever decides to put some money into their team, watch out. Billy Beane has already shown he is excellent at drafting prospects and building a farm system. Think of what he could do with some money.

Belichick Wins Coach of the Year: New England Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick won the Coach of the Year award today, gaining 29 out of a possible 50 votes. Even with Spygate, Belichick won the award easily. The Packers’ Mike McCarthy was second with 15 votes. The Patriots went 16-0 this year and deserved the award. Also today, Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh Mcdaniels said he would not interview for a head coaching position. It is only Mcdaniels second season as offensive coordinator, but the Patriots offense had one of the greatest seasons of all time. Hard to argue with wanting him as a head coach, though he is young (31). This is good news as Belichick has seen multiple offensive and defensive coordinators leave for other head coaching positions.

Cameron Fired:The Miami Dolphins fired head coach Cam Cameron today after an abysmal 1-15 season. After bringing in Bill Parcells, he immediately cleaned house firing basically the entire coaching staff. It is hard to assign blame for a 1-15 season, but the coaching staff certainly deserves a good deal of that blame. The firing of Cameron means the Dolphins will have yet another new head coach, their fifth in five years. I like how Parcells is handling the situation though. Get a bunch of new coaches to start from the beginning and change the whole system. The old system clearly wasn’t working, so a change is in order. Of course, Parcells will also have to find some talented players to fill out his roster, starting with a competent quarterback.

Clemens Admits Legal Injections: In his interview with “60 Minutes” today, Roger Clemens admitted today that McNamee injected him with “Lidocaine and B-12”. After former trainer Brian McNamee accused Clemens of using steroids and human growth hormone, Clemens has denied those accusations vehemently. Finally granting an interview to CBS’ “60 Minutes”, Clemens admitted to letting McNamee inject him with Lidocaine and B-12, both accepted substances in MLB. In an interview with WEEI Boston, Jose Canseco stated that McNamee blatantly lied in the report and that he is sure Clemens is innocent. Canseco’s last book “Juiced” accused many players of using steroids and all of those allegations proved to be correct. His next book, “Vindicated”, is supposed to reveal even more players who used steroids. I’m interested in reading it, because there is no reason to believe he is lying. More on this in later articles

Orange Bowl: After yet another blowout last night after West Virginia beat Oklahoma 48-28, Kansas and Virginia Tech face off tonight in the Orange Bowl. The BCS Bowls have all been blowouts up until this point. The winners of each blowout have looked good enough to play for the National Championship, so the question must be asked: When will college football get a good playoff system? Probably never, so we are left to hope that the teams in the National Championship game deserve to be there. As for the Orange Bowl, Virginia Tech should beat Kansas pretty easily as the Jayhawks do not seem quite good enough for a BCS Bowl, on paper. Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised by any result, because it is so difficult to determine the best team. Hopefully, we will finally get a close game and exciting finish. That’s all I ask for.


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