Daily Sports Roundup 1/2/08

There were only a couple of stories worthy of writing about today so here they are:

SMU Wants June Jones: Hawaii head coach June Jones just finished the final year of his contract with the Warriors and SMU has shown interest in the coach. Hawaii went 12-1 this year with their only loss yesterday to Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. Jones has spent the last 9 years in Honolulu, compiling a 75-41 record and making a BCS Bowl this year. SMU is prepared to offer Jones between $1.5-1.7 million a year while Hawaii has yet to negotiate with the coach. I’m sure they will make a bid for Jones and I hope Jones accepts an offer, even if it is for a little less. He has done such a great job in Hawaii and the school loves him.

BCS Bowls A Bust, So Far: Yesterday was the first day of BCS Bowls with the Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl. Unfortunately, the games were one-sided and were not close for long. USC destroyed Illinois 49-17 in the Rose Bowl while Georgia beat up on Hawaii 41-10. Hawaii and Illinois were both underdogs going into the game and rightfully so. Some experts believed that the Warriors and Illini could pull upsets, but neither had a chance. They both were dominated in all statistics and both quarterbacks struggled mightily. Hawaii’s Colt Brennan threw three interceptions and zero touchdowns while the Illinis’ Juice Williams threw 2 interceptions and also did not throw a touchdown. For those college football fans looking for close the games, the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl were both disappointments. For those fans looking to change the college football playoff system, then they were happy. USC and Georgia both looked capable of playing in the National Championship Game. There is hope though, as West Virginia and Oklahoma face off in the Fiesta Bowl tonight. It should be a close, hard fought game and I am looking forward to watching it.

Giants’ Injured Players Don’t Practice: The New York Giants’ Shaun O’Hara, Kawika Mitchell, and Sam Madison are unsure if they will play in the Giants playoff game versus Tampa Bay. All three were injured in the Giants’ loss to the Patriots Saturday night. The Patriots completed their 16-0 season though the Giants made the game very interesting. Yet, Tom Coughlin may regret his decision to play his starters the entire game if the three injuries cost the Giants in the playoffs. It was a meaningless game for New York, but Coughlin and the players wanted to prevent the Patriots perfect season so they did not rest any players. Was it worth it? Well with three key starters being injured in the game, it seems like Coughlin made a mistake.

Peterson Wins Offensive Rookie of the Year: The Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson easily won the NFL’s offensive rookie of the year award with 46.5 out of a possible 50 points. Peterson led the NFC in running and was second in touchdowns. Those stats were only in 14 games as he missed 2 due to injury. Peterson propelled the Vikings to an 8-8 season and was a lock for this award.

Marbury Back: Just a quick note here. Stephon Marbury returned to the New York Knicks today and is in the lineup for the Knicks’ game against the Sacramento Kings. Marbury had missed 10 of 13 games after his father died and the Knicks were not sure when Marbury would return. Marbury comes back much quicker than I expected (shows how much I know) and it is a good sign for the Knicks, who have not always seen eye-to-eye with Marbury, that he is back.


3 thoughts on “Daily Sports Roundup 1/2/08

  1. Pat White played Amazing…

    “White finished with 150 yards on 20 rushes, including a 42-yarder that was one of six Mountaineer plays from scrimmage of 30 or more yards. He also was 10-of-19 passing, including a WVU bowl-record 79-yarder to Tito Gonzales.”
    From a Pat White Website.

    It was a great shootout for a while there.


  2. Another stud is Noel Devine.

    “Slaton laughed when asked about his future plans and said he didn’t want to dilute the victory and talk about the NFL. Should he leave and skip his senior season, Devine showed he was a capable replacement.”
    Steve Slaton‘s website.

    I think Slaton has alot of thinking to do, if he stays he could end up being a back up and drop more in his NFL Draft stock, if he goes to the pros his Draft stock is low right now….I think the best thing to do is hit the pros, get some dough, and hopfully stay healthy and show them what he beleives he can do..

    but i dont know much.

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