Daily Sports Roundup 1/8/08

After a lot of news yesterday, today has been much less eventful. Here is a recap of the few stories that made headlines today:

LSU 38, Ohio State 24: The BCS National Championship was eventful though I would not consider it a “close” game. Just like last year’s championship game, Ohio State jumped out on top with a 65-yard touchdown run from Chris “Beanie” Wells to lead 7-0. They added a field goal to that before everything fell apart. After being down 10-3 after the first quarter, the Tigers outscored Ohio State 21-0 in the second quarter to go into half time with a 24-10 lead. Each team added a touchdown in each quarter, but the game was never in doubt. The closest moment came when the Buckeyes had the ball at midfield down 31-17 with 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter. It was 4th down and Ohio State needed 7 yards for a first down and a chance to get back in the game. Unfortunately, LSU hit Buckeye quarterback Todd Boeckman and knocked the ball loose. LSU gained possession at Ohio State’s 30 yard line and effectively ended the game. LSU played a solid game and deserved to win, but do they deserve to be National Champions? It is impossible to answer that question without a better playoff system. Is Georgia or USC better than LSU? Who knows, but LSU looked a like a championship-caliber team Monday night. I have no problem declaring them the 2008 Champions.

Gossage Elected to Hall of Fame: Rich “Goose” Gossage was elected as the sole player to enter the Baseball Hall of Fame today. A player needs 75% of the vote to enter the Hall of Fame, and Gossage got 86%. In his 9th year on the ballot, Goose finally made it into Cooperstown. It was an unusual year this year as there were no “shoo-ins”. In his 14th year on the ballot, Jim Rice received 392 votes (72.2%), 16 short of number to make it into the Hall. I truly believed that this was Rice’s year. He has been so close so many times, with this year being the closest and hasn’t been able to convince the final 150 voters. 2009 is his last chance to make it and I hope he does. Gossage had 310 saves and said of Rice,”I think Jim Rice does belong in the Hall of Fame. No hitter scared me, but Jim Rice came the closest”. A word to the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (the voters): Get it right next year. It is the last chance for one of baseball’s greatest players and it would be depressing to see Rice left out of Cooperstown

Only two stories there, but not much other news worthy of writing about. A quick note: Tom Brady was voted as the AP’s Offensive Player of the Year (a shock, I know) and the NHL All Star Starters were released today as voted on by the fans. Back tomorrow!


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