NBA Draft Decisions

The 2008 NBA Draft has finally arrived and the Chicago Bulls are minutes away from being on-the-clock and having to unveil their choice for the number one pick. Most people, myself included, have concluded that the Bulls will select Derrick Rose at number one. However, the Bulls are not saying anything so Rose’s selection at the top is not a forgone conclusion. For months, Michael Beasley and Derrick Rose were considered the premiere players in the NBA Draft and assuming Rose goes first in the draft, then everyone would expect Beasley to go number two. Well that makes perfect sense except for the Miami Heat, selecting at number 2, have held separate work outs for OJ Mayo and Jerryd Bayless over the last couple days. Could the Heat select Mayo at 2 or trade for Mayo or Bayless using the number 2 pick? Anything could happen.

Then after that, it only gets more confusing. The Minnesota Timberwolves own the number three pick and are praying that the Heat choose Mayo so that Beasley falls into their laps. That is certainly a possibility, but it is more likely that Miami grabs Beasley at number 2 and entertains trade offers for him, which leaves Mayo for the Timberwolves. However, Minnesota is not set on Mayo and I’m sure they will think hard about Russell Westbrook or even Kevin Love. The Timberwolves could also trade the number three pick and move back a little hoping, that Love is still on the board. As you can see, trying to predict the draft this year is impossible and I expect trades to completely throw any predictions off. I tried a couple of days ago with my predictions and I can’t imagine getting more than one or two of my fifteen picks correct.

UPDATE: Rose goes number one followed by Beasley, Mayo, Westbrook, and Love in that order. I will talk about the trades that already happened today later. Plus, I will grade each pick in the draft and see how each player fits into their new team. Check back later!


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