MLB Trading Deadline

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The Major League Baseball Trade Deadline is just two days away and speculation about who is going to be traded to where has taken main stage across the sport. There have already been a couple of minor trades as well as two big ones (C.C. Sabathia and Rich Harden). Harden and Sabathia have already paid huge dividends for the Cubs and Brewers respectively. Though winless in the NL, Harden has struck out 30 batters in 17 1/3 innings, possessing a 1.04ERA. Sabathia is 4-0 with three complete games and a 1.82 ERA. Those were two of the biggest names on the market and the fact that they have already been traded may mean that this year’s Trading Deadline may be uneventful, but anything could happen. Here is a look at a couple of interesting players:

Mark Teixeira: Look who is back on the market. The hottest free agent right now, Teixeira finds himself in an identical situation as last year when he was traded from the Texas Rangers to the Atlanta Braves. This time the Braves are shopping him around. The Diamondbacks seem to be the strongest pursuer of Teixeira, but there are plenty of other offers. The Braves are looking for a big-league bat and a strong pitching prospect for their star first baseman, whose stats speak for themselves (.280 avg, 20 hr, 78 rbi). Arizona is also joined by the Angels, Red Sox, and Rays in pursuit of Teixeira. I think the Braves will move Teixeira and that the offer by the D’backs will trump all other offers Atlanta will receive.

Manny Ramirez: Here’s a big name no one expected to be hearing around the trade deadline, but Manny’s recent antics have caused the Red Sox to test the market for their all star left fielder. Every team in the league would want Ramirez and with his talent, the Sox will surely be asking a lot for Manny. The Phillies, Angels, and Mets seem to be the teams with the best chances of acquiring Manny. The Red Sox asking price will probably be too high for any of those teams though and Boston will be content to keep Manny. I believe Ramirez will be a Red Sox at the end of the week, but if an offer blows the Sox away, it wouldn’t shock me to see Manny wearing a different uniform come Friday.

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John Grabow: Unlike Manny, Grabow is not exactly a household name, but he is certainly a hot topic this time of year. Like always, relievers are the hardest position to fill this time of year so those few relievers are on the market garner a lot of interest. Nearly every contender in the league has inquired about Grabow, though his health concerns most of those teams. The Pirates will definitely look to deal Grabow for some good prospects and I expect that a team will take a chances on the left handed reliever. Look for the Rays and Phillies to be front runners here.

Those are maybe the three biggest names getting he most interest from teams right now. Many other players have been discussed amongst teams and many other players will be traded. Ron Mahay may not be in Kansas City much longer. The same can be said about Jarrod Washburn in Seattle and Bengie Molina in San Francisco, but those three players aren’t going to make or break any contenders’ season. With Harden and Sabathia already traded, the market is thin and sellers are asking ridiculous prices for mediocre players. Look for Thursday to pass quietly without any big names besides Teixeira switching teams. Back with more then.


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