Problems with Plaxico

Plaxico Burplaxico-burressress, what is wrong with you? Just listen to this statement:

In the last month, Burress has received 5 traffic violations in Florida while he is under arrest in New York for carrying an unregistered firearm after shooting himself in the leg.

Wow. He is without an NFL team after the New York Giants cut him last week and yet he continues to act immaturely. In his most recent traffic stop, Burress cursed out the officer, told him that he knew the sheriff personally and swore at the arresting officer multiple times. 

Plaxico Burress, what is wrong with you?

As your NFL career hangs in the balance, all you are doing is making it harder and harder for you to return to the NFL. You are trying to avoid jail time for a charge that carries a three and a half year sentence. Your lawyers are working constantly, appealing to the district attorney for a plea bargain that keeps you out of prison. How exactly are these traffic violations going to help? How is cursing out a police officer, who was doing his job, going to help?

Please, tell me why you are acting so idiotically? Are you looking forward to prison? Are you sick of the NFL? Do you want to spend some time behind bars? I don’t get it. At this rate, Michael Vick will be back in the NFL before you are.

Part of a plea bargain will have to be that you understand your mistake and have learned from it. That you realize that you are not above the law. Driving like a maniac and verbally attacking cops doesn’t exactly show that you have learned anything.

Everyone around you is certainly telling you to calm down. Take a step back, stay out of the spotlight, and stop cursing at cops. Drive like a normal person. Act like a normal person. Even if you really do believe that you are above the law, at least act like that is not the case. The more you smugly disobey authority, the longer and longer your prison term is going to be and the less and less time you’ll be able to play in the NFL.


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