30 Days For Stallworth, 19 Months For Vick

I give you 3 incidents:

A. A man shoots himself in the leg with an unlicensed firearm
B. A man drives drunk and runs a red light, hiting and killing a pedestrian.
C. A man runs and operates an underground dog fighting ring.

Which man deserves the most jail time? Which man should have the greatest trouble finding work? Maybe you can debate that Person A deserves more or less jail time than Person C, but there shouldn’t be any debate that Person B deserves the most jailtime

I’m a little bit late on this story, but a friend of mine just recently pointed out the fact that Donte Stallworth spent 30 days in prison for DUI Manslaughter while Michael Vick spent 19 months in jail for dogfighting. Apparently, the American Justice System values the lives of dogs 19 times more than that of a man.

Of course, there are some reasons why Stallworth managed to spend just a month behind bars. The family of the man he killed, Mario Reyes, dropped a civil suit against Stallworth after they settled outside of court. The family didn’t want to go through an entire trial and thus pushed the District Attorney to make a deal with Stallworth. But 30 days is still months too few for this incident.

Drinking and driving is one the biggest problems in this country and this isn’t a good example of what happens when the worst happens. He killed a man and got a slap on the wrist. It’s an embarrassment that our legal system allowed this. I don’t care that he is truly remorseful and saddened. He should be. He should have had the brainpower not to drive drunk in the first place. Sometimes, a person deserves a second chance for a mistake. This is not one of those situations.

Stallworth can continue his life like nothing happened after driving drunk and killing a man. That is not okay. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will suspend him for half, maybe a full season, but next year, he will be back on the football field and back to his normal life. Mario Reyes and his family will never have anything near the lives they had before this incident.

The media has barely picked up on this. Great job, guys. I’m a couple months late chiming in on this. It speaks a lot about our country and its citizens that Vick can’t find work for dog fighting, but Stallworth can. That’s not taking into account that Vick is a BETTER player than Stallworth is. It’s a tragedy. It’s a travesty. It’s an embarrassment. It’s the United States at its lowest point, where we value dogs over human lives, but worse off, no one even cares enough to say anything about it.


One thought on “30 Days For Stallworth, 19 Months For Vick

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