Lack of Updates

As you can tell, I haven’t had time to post here in a bit. Schools been heating up and I’ve been catching up with friends here. I should be more on top of things by next week and will get back to more posting.

Until then, I have a small piece in the new issue of the Washington Monthly that I co-authored with my fellow intern Minjae Park. It’s a short, news-you-can-use sidebar on different options students have for repaying their student loans. Here’s a quick taste:

Graduated Repayment: Under these plans, borrowers have the option to pay between 50 percent and 150 percent of their standard payment, and the payment increases every two years. The plan lasts for ten years, unless it is part of an extended repayment, in which case it can then last up to thirty years. However, the longer the length of the loan, the more the borrower pays in interest. These plans tend to work best for borrowers who are likely to see their earnings increase sharply over time.

That’s just one of nine different options Minjae and I lay out (different borrowers qualify for different programs). Check out the rest here.


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