Capitals vs. Penguins Can Get Better

APTOPIX Penguins Capitals HockeyWhat’s better than Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby  facing off in a playoff series? How about both of them scoring hat tricks in the same game?

Yes, that happened last night and it really is an extraordinary event. Hat tricks aren’t that uncommon. They occur maybe a couple times a month in the regular season and every once in a while in the post-season. But two in the same game by arguably the two best players in hockey? That is something special.

The Capitals took the game 4-3 and lead the series 2-0, but now Washington most leave their home town and head out to Pittsburgh, where the Penguins’ fans will surely be ready. If this series heads back to the capital tied at two games a piece, get ready to start talking about the greatest series ever.

For that to happen though, Evgeni Malkin must step up. Crosby and him are the soul of this team. Without one, the Pens don’t stand a chance against the Capitals. Malkin must make his presence known, both physically and on the scoreboard. The other two stars in this series have four goals each. Malkin? Zero.

Hockey fans are so excited for this series, because of what it can become. A heavy-weight showdown between the league’s best. But that isn’t guaranteed to happen. The Capitals could easily enter Pittsburgh, win a game, and head home and lock the series up. That would be such a disappointing end to a series with such possibilities.

Don’t let that happen Evgeni.

It may be unfair to put all the blame on Malkin, but I’m going to. The Capitals’ depth can only be overcome if Malkin and Crosby will their team to victory. I want to see them down in the trenches, dragging Ovechkin into scrappy fights. I want to see it get so heated that Ovechkin and Malkin/Crosby drop the gloves. I want to see war on the ice. Blood, sweat, and tears.

Penguins Capitals Hockey

These first two games were cute. Crosby and Ovechkinscored some outstanding goals, but that’s not why I’m really watching this series. I can go on youtube and see some great goals. What I want to see is the two stars digging deep. I want to see them pushed to the edge of sanity, screaming, yelling, and diving every which way on the ice to push their team to victory. If this is going to be the greatest series of all-time (and it has the potential), then it needs to include all those things and that starts with Malkin making it a series. Besides that, seven games is a must and let’s toss in a couple of gut-wrenching overtimes. Next-goal-wins makes everything better

As you can see, my hopes and expectations are through the roof so Malkin, don’t let me down.


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